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CHM Reprint Bundle - Set of 17

Featuring newly reprinted issues #3: John Wycliffe, #11: John Bunyan, #12: John Calvin, #16: William Tynsdale, #17: Women in the Early Church, #28: 100 Most Important Dates, #29: Charles Haddon Spurgeon, #30: Women in the Medieval Church, #32: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, #33: Christianity and the Civil War, #37: Worship in the Early Church, #47: Paul and His Times, #48: Thomas Cranmer and the English Refortmation, #50: The American Revolution, #51: Heresy in the Early Church, #69: Charles and John Wesley, and #90: Adoniram and Ann Judson.

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Christian History Magazine #3, a special commemorative issue devoted to John Wycliffe and the 600th Anniversary of the Translation of the Bible into English.

Christian History Magazine #11, featuring John Bunyan.

Christian History Magazine #12, featuring John Calvin.

Christian History Magazine #16, featuring William Tyndale.

Christian History Magazine #17, an entire issue devoted to Women in the Early Church.

Christian History Magazine #28, details the 100 Most Important Events in Church History.
Christian History Magazine #29, featuring Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Long before the Megachurch, nearly 6,000 people crowded every service to hear preacher C.H. Spurgeon. In an age of great preachers, why did he rise above them all?

Christian History Magazine #30, devoted to women in the medieval church.

Christian History Magazine #32, featuring Dietrich Bonhoeffer. As Hitler manipulated the German churches and oppressed the Jews, most Christians remained silent. But not Bonhoeffer.

Christian History Magazine #33: The Untold Story of Christianity and the Civil War. Union Major Robert Anderson leads his troops in prayer at Fort Sumter - where in 100 days civil war would begin. 

Christian History Magazine #37, explores Worship in the Early Church.

Christian History Magazine #47, looks at the Apostle Paul and his times.

Christian History Magazine #48, features Thomas Cranmer and the English Reformation. His prayer book is still used by millions, and though cautious and indecisive, he faced the stake with resolute courage.

Christian History Magazine #50, explores Christianity's overlooked role in the bold venture to gain independence.

Christian History Magazine #51, looks at Heresy in the Early Church.

Christian History Magazine #69, features Charles and John Wesley. Their struggle for perfection strained their relationship and sparked revival on two continents.

Christian History Magazine #90 features Adoniram and Ann Judson, Pioneers of the American Missionary Movement.

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