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Book By Book: Isaiah - Guide

Book by Book "The Joy of Meeting Jesus in all the Scriptures" Study Guide

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Book by Book
"The Joy of Meeting Jesus in all the Scriptures"

192-page Study Guide

The whole earth is filled with the glory of Jesus and there can be no room for any of the shame, pride and sin of the human kingdoms or religions. The book of Isaiah shows us how the kingdoms of this world all fall under the judgement of Immanuel, the Divine Anointed Servant, as His Church goes out to all the peoples of the world. Isaiah is referred to and quoted over and over again by Jesus and His apostles. Long ago, hundreds of years before the human birth of Jesus of Nazareth, Isaiah met Jesus and saw His glory, as John says in John 12:41 - Isaiah "saw Jesus' glory and spoke about Him".

The Bible will take you through the history of the universe from beginning to end but it can also speak clearly to you about your life: Why are you here? How should you live? These study guides are intended to help you read and understand the Bible. They are written with enough depth to satisfy the mature Christian but accessible for someone who is new to the Bible.

In the Book by Book Study Guides and the accompanying DVD, we want to help you experience the joy of meeting Jesus in the Scriptures. The first books in the Bible come from over 1500 years before the birth of Jesus, yet you will discover His birth, life, death and resurrection prophesied there. Jesus himself said that the whole Bible was about him (John 5:39).

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