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DVDs To Celebrate Easter 98440D

  • DVD
  • Running Time: 7 hrs 44 mins
  • Region: All Regions
  • Production Year: 1984-1990
DVDs To Celebrate Easter-DVD
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Brief Description

As advertised in Lutheran Laymen, DVDs include Easter Classics , Three Days , Yeshua and Time Travel Through the Bible

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Full Description

Three Easter Classics --
Easter Is -- Benji must make a poster portraying the meaning of Easter. Frustrated for lack of good ideas, he pushes Waldo, his dog and pal, away. When Waldo later becomes lost, Benji's dad tells how the disciples thought they would never see Jesus again. In the end the good news of Easter is shared -- that just as Waldo comes back to Benji on Easter morning, Jesus also returned! Animated, recommended for ages 3-8. 25 minutes

Magic Boy's Easter -- Ten-year-old Josh suffers from a crippling bone disease. Whisked away to Biblical times in a dream, Josh encounters Lazarus and Joanna— both healed by Jesus. His dream ends as Christ, on His way to the cross, takes the time to heal Josh. Upon awakening from his dream, Josh consents to surgery, knowing Jesus will never leave him! Drama, for recommended for ages 5-10. 25 minutes

The Puzzle Club Easter Adventure -- It's just a few days before Easter when Buzz comes to The Puzzle Club headquarters to ask for help finding his cat, then Buzz turns up missing too! Before Alex, Christopher, and Korina begin their latest case, Tobias becomes so ill he has to be rushed to the hospital and the detectives are torn between solving the mystery and staying by Tobias' side. Follow along as they learn an important lesson about hope in Jesus, for recommended for ages 6-12. 27 minutes

DVD Features:
-English and Spanish tracks available for all three programs
-English subtitles available for The Magic Boy's Easter and The Puzzle Club Easter Adventure

Three Days -- From the first Good Friday to the first Easter, Jesus' disciples lived in tortured confusion. Three Days is a dramatic representation of events that may have transpired among the disciples during the time that tested their faith to the utmost, ending with the victorious resurrection.

Yeshua -- Yeshua, the Hebrew name for Jesus, offers a fascinatingly new view of Jesus' life. Presented by Dr. Oswald Hoffmann, Yeshua reveals ancient customs and beliefs with exceptional clarity and detail.

This five-program series moves across more than 2,000 years of history, from the time of Abraham through the efforts of the Jews to possess and hold the promised land, to the birth and life of Jesus.

After viewing
Yeshua , you will listen to Scripture reading with new insight and read familiar prophecies, psalms and parables with fresh appreciation. To view Yeshua from beginning to end is to enrich your understanding not only of the turning point in all history, but of the singular figure who caused the turning.

Part 1: The Land and the Promise -- Ur of the Chaldees, birthplace of Abraham, begins the narrative. Continuing through the fall of Ur, Abraham's entrance into the promised land, and the exile of the chosen people in Egypt, part one ends with their return to a homeland soon taken over by Rome and governed by the wily, paranoid half-Jew, Herod.

Part 2: The Promise Takes Root -- This episode begins with the angel's visit to Mary and proceeds through the presentation of Jesus in the temple at Jerusalem after the family's return from exile. Fascinating scientific data relating to the star of Bethlehem is presented.

Part 3: Voice and the Light -- The cries of John the Baptist lead into a portrayal of the community of zealous Jews at Qumran where John, perhaps orphaned as a child, may have grown up. Moving through the events of Jesus' early ministry we also witness the beautiful reenactment of a Jewish wedding as Jesus might have seen it at Cana.

Part 4: The Bread of Sacrifice -- As the life of Jesus nears its tragic close, He prepares His followers for His coming sacrifice. We see archaeological evidence for the practice of human sacrifice in caves beneath the North African city of Carthage, but draw nearer to the meaning of Christ's sacrifice in the story of Abraham's' willingness to lill his son Isaac in obedience to the will of God. The segment ends with Jesus' entry into Jerusalem.

Part 5: Ripple of Darkness, Waves of Light -- The familiar mysteries of Christ's death and resurrection take on a strong immediacy in this final episode. After dramatic reenactments of the torture, execution, burial and resurrection of Christ, the segment explores research on the Shroud of Turin.

Time Travel Through the Bible -- Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek: The Next Generation hosts as the "time traveler," exploring the rich and fascinating background of the Old and New Testaments. "You are there," as he reveals the lives of the "mad" King Herod and the courageous John the Baptist. He shows how the glorious ministry of Jesus Christ is related to the amazing 1947 discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Here is a program especially geared for teens and young adults. A leader's guide in PDF is included on the DVD.

Time Travel brings you back into the world of the Bible and opens up the Scriptures for you in a vivid and unforgettable way.

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$ 47.99 Our Price

$ 59.99 Retail Price

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