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Reflections On The Lord's Prayer For People With Cancer 501260D

  • DVD
  • Running Time: 1 hr 30 min
  • Region: All Regions
  • Production Year: 2008
Reflections On The Lord's Prayer For People With Cancer-DVD
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Brief Description

Ken Curtis unfolds the healing power of the Lord's Prayer from original locations in the life of Jesus.


  • Remi Gold - Worldfest Houston Awards 2009
  • Bronze Crown Award for Best Series - ICVM 2009
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Full Description

"You have cancer," can be the most devastating words one can ever hear. Tragically, cancer continues to assault and afflict vast numbers of families. But for many the experience of cancer becomes a time of finding God's presence in a deeper and more beautiful way!

This series of meditations on The Lord's Prayer with Ken Curtis builds upon his previous series,
Reflections on Psalm 23 for People with Cancer. Ken was diagnosed with advanced cancer with little prospect for survival. He pursued a combination of traditional and alternative medicine, undergirded by a strong spiritual dimension and prayer support team.

While made particularly for people facing the crisis of cancer, the reflections are relevant for any health crisis.

Join Ken on this journey into the world of The Lord's Prayer from original locations important in the life of Jesus. The Lord's Prayer is not just a way of praying. It's a way of "seeing." When the prayer is grasped and uttered from the heart, it can -- and will --change us. We realize how we are not alone, no matter how difficult or seemingly hopeless our situation. Even in our pain, there can come a joy and a feeling of rightness about our world.

A co-production of Vision Video with EO-TV Holland, UCB-TV England and Nazareth Village.

Ten 8-minute segments.
Optional English subtitles
Additional features related to The Lord's Prayer

Dr. Ken Curtis is founder and president of Gateway Films/Vision Video and Christian History Institute.

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Customer Reviews

  • Lord's Prayer

    Posted By:
    Paulette Young

    I received this and the 23rd Psalm from a friend. Thank-you Mr.Curtis. Over and over I have listened to this and been inspired to keep going. Anyone that has had cancer or has it needs to listen and watch this. I so understand the sacred ground...God bless and you will have a white stone with your name on it Mr. Curtis.

  • Thank you for sharing.

    Posted By:
    MoNeika Nunn

    This is a refreshing prospective. It gives the believer empowerment to be even more for God. Many times we see our roles diminish in the change of life. We loose sight that as long as we have breath we are still able to show the strength of our God!

  • Reflections series

    Posted By:
    Lynn A Eib

    I have been using "Reflections on Psalm 23" in both my cancer support groups the last two months and the response has been phenomenal! Every single person loves them! They love the music, the scenery, your message--everything! I knew I really liked them, but my groups are quite diverse--men, women, all ages, caregivers, various "levels" of belief, all kinds of cancers and stages of it--so I wasn't sure how everyone would respond. The DVDs make it SO easy for me to do the group now because it's always hard to come up with something rather short but very inspirational. You have done it! I will be getting my webmaster to add them to my website and have been listing them on every list of resources I've been asked to make (including the American Association of Christian Counselors and its new DVD series "Challenging Cancer" supposedly coming out any day now.) I'd like to see my church offer these DVDs as a quarterly adult class and know that they would bless people in any trial--whether cancer or not. Thank you so much. What a blessing these are and will be to so many people. Thank you for your sacrifice to make them. I pray that your health holds up and you are able to keep bringing God much glory.

  • Great tool for those on the cancer journey

    Posted By:

    I am teaching the last lesson on the Psalms 23 DVD tonight and it's been a wonderful journey with the ladies in our cancer support group. Your work has been great and I love the pdf files to help guide me. These are great tools to help those who are on the cancer journey. And the most amazing thing happened at last nightís support group; one of the ladies with advanced breast cancer asked Jesus into her life! I still get goosebumps when I say it. We prayed with her and it was amazing. I praise God for bringing her to our support group and being able to walk with her during this journey. The next step is to start the Lord's Prayer and next year we plan to do the Reflections on the Beatitudes and I can't wait. Then I'll start back with Psalms 23.

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Editorial Reviews

  • MOVIEGUIDE, 09/2008, 10/2008

    REFLECTIONS ON THE LORDíS PRAYER FOR PEOPLE WITH CANCER is the sequel to the powerful documentary THE 23RD PSALM by Ken Curtis. These reflections on the Lordís Prayer by Ken Curtis will touch everyone who watch the DVD and will reveal Godís truth in a more profound way. Several years ago, Ken was diagnosed with advanced, incurable, inoperative cancer, with no chance of survival. By the grace of God he has survived, attended the MOVIEGUIDEģ Awards, where we gave him a Lifetime Achievement, and has produced these two wonderful documentaries, among many others. REFLECTIONS ON THE LORDíS PRAYER is shot in Israel in places that were significant in the ministry of Jesus Christ. These reflections help us to focus on who God is and to rearrange our priorities s they coincide with His Kingdom, not our self-serving kingdom building. We were continually inspired and moved by the depth of the insights in this documentary. REFLECTIONS ON THE LORDíS PRAYER FOR PEOPLE WITH CANCER is highly recommended by MOVIEGUIDEģ. We thank Dr. Ken Curtis for producing these DVD releases on Christian living. -- Dr. Ted Baehr

  • Church Libraries - Winter 2008- 2009

    Cancer survivor Ken Curtis presents 10, eight minute segments in which he dissects the Lord's Prayer with a focus on what each part means to folks fighting major illnesses, particularly cancer. Assisting him on location in Israel with the presentations are his son and a granddaughter. Curtis uses a reenactment settlement that portrays workers, buildings, and clothing of the New Testament era. He also takes boating trips down the Jordan River, all with the goal of putting modern readers into the mindset of what Jesus was teaching when he prayed this prayer. The segments are intensely detailed, as in whole segments on "Our Father" and "in heaven," covering the sociological, biological, religious, cultural, and historical aspects of each phrase. Extras provide even more details. This DVD could be used in weekly phases for group studies at churches or in hospitals or for private use. It will help Christians who want to become more sensitive to the concerns and anxieties of cancer victims. -- DEH

  • Congregational Libraries Today - 12/09

    Do not let the title fool you - people fighting cancer are not the only ones who will be blessed by this video. It is an excellent study of the Lord's Prayer. The host, Ken Curtis, explains that the Lord's Prayer is not just a prayer - it is a way of living. Curtis is living with cancer as he visits important locations in the earthly life of Jesus. The DVD is divided into ten eight-minute segments that examine portions of he prayer in detail. The scenery and period reenactments portraying people and customs from the time of Christ at Nazareth Village give life to the study. The videography is beautiful and inspiring. Curtis has a good voice for narration and conveys a strong message that we are not along, regardless of circumstances. This DVD will be useful not just for those with cancer but also for persons experiencing a health crisis of any sort. It is appropriate for congregational and academic libraries and will make a good teaching tool for Sunday School and other small group curricula, youth groups, health ministry workers, grief therapy, and family counseling.

  • Mary Slutz, RN, BS, MHCA - 2011

    Serious health issues are very personal. They fall into one's life and wreak havoc not only physically but emotionally, spiritually, interpersonally, and financially. When Dr. Ken Curtis was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, he felt its impact in each of those areas just like any other cancer patient. Instead of letting the illness take over his life however, he let his life and beliefs take over the illness.

    During the next few years as his illness ran its course, Curtis utilized various types of treatment but felt his faith and spiritual foundation as the ultimate weapon to help him cope with his cancer. His personal journey led him to consider what others in similar situations might experience and feel. This video series includes meditations derived from scripture that speak of comfort, peace, and offer inspiration, courage, and joy. Even though the meditations are reflections from Curtis's person journey through cancer, each one can bolster the faith of anyone with any type of acute or chronic illness.

    Curtis returned to Israel to film his reflections in the places where Jesus walked. This DVD focuses on the Lord's Prayer and the strength it can provide through ten 9-minute segments. It walks the listener through a deeper understanding of the prayer beginning with the concept that God is our father and what that means to us as His children. Proceeding through prayer, his thoughts focus on what God truly offers us physically, mentally, and spiritually every day of our lives. He speaks to how God cares for us as a true father should, no matter what the illness or trial. It is also suitable for personal use or with small groups such as support for chronic illness or a Bible Study.

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$ 11.99 Our Price

$ 19.99 Retail Price

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