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Story Of Eric Liddell

The story of the Olympic medalist and missionary from Scotland who lived and died for the testimony of Jesus Christ.

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  • Running Time: 1 hr 30 min
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Eric Liddell is best known as the main character in Hollywood's 1981 release of Chariots of Fire. But it was his fascinating life as a missionary that proved his spiritual mettle. This Olympic medalist from Scotland lived -- and died -- for the testimony of Jesus Christ. This DVD traces Eric's life from the 1924 Olympics to his years in war-torn China. Includes testimonies from historians, friends, and family about his life as a boy, an athlete, a missionary, and a Bible teacher. But most of all, you'll learn about a man sold out for God.

Day of Discovery website:

Editorial Reviews

Last month I posted a review of Pure Gold, a wonderful biography of Eric Liddell. Liddell is best known for being the subject of the biographical film Chariots of Fire which traced his rise to prominence in Scotland. Liddell refused to participate in the Olympic race he was favored to win because to do so he would have had to violate his beliefs about the Sabbath. He became a hero to the Scottish nation for winning another event, and a hero to Christians for standing firm in his faith.

The Story of Eric Liddell is a thee-part Day of Discovery television production that examines Liddell’s life. It is hosted by David McCasland who authored Pure Gold, is available in both DVD and VHS and clocks in at about ninety minutes in length. It is a chronological biography of Liddell, and like the book, focuses primarily on his life after he left the spotlight and began his mission work in China. Liddell is portrayed as a reluctant hero who much preferred solitude over celebration and who had little desire to be the center of attention.

The production features significant amounts of photographs of Liddell as well as the few surviving videos of his races. Most importantly, it features interviews with members of his family, including two of his daughters, and many of the men and women who knew him and who were taught by him. The viewer will even meet some women who were led to faith by Liddell’s loving witness to them.

This short series is professional and well-produced. It is a wonderful complement to McCasland’s book and stands as a thoughtful biography of a man who has inspired so many. I highly recommend this DVD and am confident it would make a strong addition to church, school, public or personal video library.

Customer Reviews

- wonderfull

testimony is good

- Serious Inspiring

What a treat to hear from his friends and family. They are all such common people who are serious about Christ. A charming story and how a real man faces life wherever he is placed. What a true leader of character. This is very very well done and one of our favorite videos.

- Heroes of the Faith

We have used some of your resources, such as the fun "torch race" with the story of Eric Liddell and during the Olympics. We have also developed some activities of our own to meet the interests of our group.
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