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Bible Stories Collection

Collection includes: The Ten Commandments, Joseph and His Brethren, The Power of the Resurrection, The Great Commandment, Hill Number One, I Beheld His Glory, Martin Luther, and David and Goliath.

  • Item 17354D
  • Region: US and Canada
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 724 Min
Retail: $14.99
Price: $11.99
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Collection includes:

The Ten Commandments — The tale of Moses unfolds with all of the spectacle, drama, and grand inspiration that have earned it its distinction as the greatest story ever told. Omar Shariff as "Jethro" Widescreen, 176 minutes.

Joseph and His Brethren — Joseph and His Brethren is the powerful Old Testament parable of Joseph, a slave who frees himself from oppression and becomes a minister in the Pharaoh's court. 102 minutes.

The Power of the Resurrection — This historical film about love, faith, friendship, and rebirth depicts Christ's final days on Earth as seen through the eyes of disciples Simon and Peter. 59 minutes.

The Great Commandment — Jesus of Nazareth teaches Joel, a young Judean scholar, peace and passivity, helping Joel to avoid violence when he's confronted by the Roman soldier who murdered his brother. B&W, 80 minutes.

Hill Number One — This portrayal of Christ's resurrection boasts an all-star cast and features James Dean in an inspired performance as John the Baptist. B&W, 57 minutes.

I Beheld His Glory — A religious drama that follows Christ's fateful trip to Mount Calvary towards His crucifixion, which so moved Cornelius, a non-believer, that he found his faith. 53 minutes.

Martin Luther — Martin Luther recounts the tale of Luther's break from the Catholic Church, his posting of the 95 theses, and is eventual creation of the Protestant Movement. B&W, 105 minutes.

David and Goliath — Prophets foretell that a young shepherd named David will rise up and seize the crown from King Saul of Israel (Orson Welles) after battling the giant Goliath to the death. 92 minutes.

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