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231 Days

The story of Herb Gregg, who was abducted and held prisoner for seven months by militant Islamic extremists in 1998.

  • Item 33931D
  • Region: US and Canada
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 67 mins.
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Price: $9.99
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On November 11, 1998 Herb Gregg was walking home from an afternoon of playing basketball at an orphanage. A committed missionary working in Dagestan in the Caucasus area of Russia, Herb had taken the walk dozens of times before. But that day something happened—in an instant a car pulled up beside him, a man waved a police badge in his face, and he was wrestled into the backseat where his abductors pulled a sock cap over his face. In that instant Herb knew he was theirs—a prisoner of Chechen militant Islamic extremists. For the next seven months Herb was held hostage. Beaten, starved, deprived of freedom, threatened with beheading—berated to denounce his Christian faith, Herb triumphs with the help of his courageous wife, a Russian hostage negotiator he would never meet, and the enduring care of the Lord. “231 Days” is Herb's amazing, inspiring story-- not just of faith, but of God's limitless power in even the darkest times.

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