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Mission: God At Work, Faith In Action

Features stories of God’s work taking place on nearly every continent around the world.

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  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 3 hrs 45 min
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Won the Silver Crown Award for Best Series at the 2004 ICVM Crown Awards

This original series of documentary-style magazine shows was created as a prime-time series by FaithTV for airing on the Sky Angel satellite and many other cable outlets across America. It features stories of God's work taking place on nearly every continent around the world. Hosts for the series are Steve Saint and Dianne Becker, who use their personal mission experience to give a taste of the adventure of overseas work. Steve is the son of Nate Saint, one of the five missionaries killed in Ecuador in 1956. Dianne, who also served as producer for this series, has worked as a news reporter and has traveled the world producing many mission stories. The shows are hosted on location at Steve’s base of operation near Ocala, Forida. There is a hangar full of stories at I-TEC — Indigenous Peoples Technology and Education Center, where they work to empower indigenous churches. Stories featured on Mission include cannibals transformed by God’s love, living water offered to African villagers, street children offered a new life, and more. It also features stories from various mission agencies: Pioneers, SEND, World Team, Africa Inland Mission. These stories of God working will bring a new awareness of mission work worldwide.

Includes 24 segments:

1. The Yali Story - World Team - Papua, Indonesia
2. Nate Saint Story - Mission Aviation Fellowship - Ecuador
3. Saint Family & the Waodani - Ecuador
4. I-TEC - Ocala, FL
5. Thirst for Life - The Living Water Project - Malawi
6. All God's Children - music video
7. 56 Henry
8. Oasis in a Warzone - Church of South India - Sri Lanka
9. Heartbeat Mozambique - Africa Inland Mission
10. Playground Evangelism - Kids Around the World
11. TIMO (Training in Mission Outreach) - AIM
12. God’s Child Project - Guatemala
13. Dentistry
14. Flying Preacher - Bahamas
15. Hearts in Action - Guatemala
16. Redefine Your World - India/Southeast Asia
17. Far East Russia - SEND Int'l
18. Waodani
19. Forgotten Children - UFM - Brazil
20. Along the Burma Border - Brackett Foundation
21. The Great Omission
22. Through These Doors - Africa Inland Mission
23. Micah Project - Honduras
24. Through These Cracks - MBMS International

Dianne Becker - Producer/Director
Steve Saint - Talent/Writer
Jim West - Executive Producer
Mark MacGregor - Associate Producer
Sam Sharnik - Editor/Camera
Brian Park - Graphics/Production Assistant
Cheryl Sharnik - Make-up/Production Assistant
Jason Culbreath - Production Assistant
Evan Derrick - Production Assistant

Editorial Reviews

Originally created as a series for Faith TV, this program compiles 24-segments featuring missionary and humanitarian relief projects taking place around the world. From drilling wells in Africa for clean drinking water, to designing a dentist's office that can be carried in a single backpack into the depths of South American jungles, to working with Brazil's burgeoning population of homeless children, viewers witness how a little sacrifice and effort from ordinary people can make a huge difference in the lives of a needy community. Hosts Steve Saint and Dianne Becker travel on location to talk to those who "work in the trenches" as well as locals who are learning to help their own neighbors. In addition, the program includes a chapter on how individuals can become involved, whether for a couple of weeks or a couple of years. While the people profiled here are mostly adults, Mission would be a good title for all ages of various faiths who might be interested in helping out in the global community. Recommended.

This collection of 24 documentary-style stories, originally created as a series to be aired on the Sky Angel satellite network, tells how God is at work around the world. Steve Saint and Dianne Becker hosted the series on location at Indigenous Peoples Technology and Education Center near Ocala, Florida. Saint is the son of Nate Saint, one of the five missionaries killed by the Waodani in Ecuador in 1956. The story of his father is featured on the DVD, as well as his sister, Rachel, and her ministry to the Waodani. Becker, who also produced the series, is a former news reporter whose love for missions has taken her around the world producing many stories about missions. The stories feature various missions organizations in such places as Ecuador, Indonesia, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Honduras, Brazil, the Bahamas, and Far East Russia. Each episode is well-written and easy to follow; the stories can be moving. I found the recorded personal testimonies of the people who have been reached by the gospel to be particularly touching. Anyone who doesn’t have a heart for missions may find these stories boring. The programs are for people excited about world missions and could be a valuable education resource for those considering missions as a career.

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