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Discovering The Bible - With PDFs

Four half-hour programs to introduce the Bible.

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  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 2 hrs

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    New York Festivals 1997

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    Worldfest - Charleston 1996

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    Columbus International Film & Video Festival 1996

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    Worlfest - Houston 1996

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Four half-hour programs to introduce the Bible. Fullscreen.

Program 1: Getting Acquainted
It's the all-time best-seller since the beginning of printing. It has produced passionate controversy for centuries. What is the bo ok that is like none other in the history of the world? Where did it come from? What does it consist of? Does it still speak to us today?

Program 2: The Old Testament
An ancient book? Yes, but far more! It's a kind of love letter and a still-living legacy that shaped the identity of a unique people. What about the Dead Sea Scrolls? The accurate preservation of the contents over millennia underscores the marvel of these writings.

Program 3: The New Testament
It's a book that centers on Jesus. But how do we know we have the actual words of Jesus? How were the books of the New Testament gathered and selected? What’s it all about? How does the New Testament build upon but differ from the Old Testament?

Program 4: Survival, Spread, and Influence
Despite attempts of tyrants to destroy it, the Bible has endured and become the most translated and circulated book ever. It was translated into various art forms and given to us in English through heroic efforts. It’s the book that influenced the lives that influenced the world.

PDFs included on the DVD:

-32-page leader's guide
-16-page student workbook
-Full-color, 32-page supplement

Editorial Reviews

This presentation by the Christian History Institute is divided into four, half-hour programs. Number one, a general overview, gives a basic introduction to the Bible: its history, publication, controversy, origin of name, content, length of time to write, language written in, and format. The second program is about the Old Testament. It explains the meaning of testament, the three divisions, what the OT scriptures revolve around, scribes, Dead Sea scrolls, and the accurate preservation of writings. Number three, the New Testament program, describes the links and contrasts of the testaments, four sections of the NT, history of the writings, the forming of the canon, and preservation of the old texts. The fourth program, "Survival, Spread and Influence," comments on obstacles and people and events that helped preserve the Scriptures over many centuries. The beautiful 23rd Psalm, the story of Joseph, and the love chapter are spotlighted as powerful examples of the Word. Study materials are included. Vibrant Middle Eastern background music, scenery, acting, paintings, photos, PowerPoint presentations, and comments from learned consultants are used to illuminate the uniqueness and reliability of the Bible. English host R. Boulter converses in clear, concise tomes that are easy to understand. Much research has gone into this study, which is good for beginning Christians as well as all believers who want to understand more about the Bible. The format of the half-hour programs and chapters lend it well to Bible study groups. Excellent for church and school libraries.

Discovering the Bible is a four-part series is a basic introduction to the Bible for those who have little or no background, but it is also a stimulating refresher for those who have long loved the Bible but never explored the incredible story of where the Bible actually came from and how it was passed on to us. Discovering the Bible is ideal for Sunday School or Bible study Class curriculums.

Customer Reviews

- The Basics

I found that even 70 yr old plus Christians were unaware of how the Bible was put together and how it is different from all the other holy books. This is a must see for all Christians.
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