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Jacob's Ladder: Episodes 1 - 2: Gideon

Includes two adventures: Episode 1: Gideon, Reluctant Hero / Episode 2: Gideon, Warrior by Faith.

  • Item 500882D
  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 1 hr

Alternate formats: Digital Video - $2.99

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Price: $7.99
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The "teenpack" is looking for adventure when they discover a mysterious old lighthouse and the even more mysterious keeper, Rafael. Through the lighthouse, the young teens are transported to Bible times where they interact with timeless characters and learn of a loving God who cares for His people throughout all the ages. These action-packed, top quality dramas are geared to youth ages 10-15, but are great for the whole family or for classroom use. Creative, easy-to-use PDF study materials are included to help young teens apply the faith-building lessons to their lives. Widescreen.

Episode 1: Gideon, Reluctant Hero
The Hebrew people have forgotten about the mighty God of their forefathers. They are being lulled into idol worship by the Midianite conquerors. God calls the young man Gideon to stand up to these oppressors and their false gods. This story will challenge you to lay aside your idols and worship the one true God.

Episode 2: Gideon, Warrior by Faith
An angel has told Gideon he will free God's people from the Midianites. But, with no army and facing outrageous odds, Gideon finds it hard to believe and even harder to act on faith. Watch as God gives Gideon just what he needs to strengthen his faith. In the process, Gideon learns to depend on God to do the impossible.

DVD Features:
Subtitles: English
Bonus Material:
- "Behind-the-Scenes"
- PDF Study Guide

Editorial Reviews

Mount your bicycle, adjust your backpack, and join a group of modern-day teenage time travelers as they journey to biblical times to help young Gideon and his family. Watch for action, adventure, drama, and a sword fight or two as the rural Hebrew townsfolk are torn between worshipping a God they can't see and a wooden idol. All while the ruthless Midianite gang plunders the countryside. Gideon, Reluctant Hero is episode one of the "Jacob's Ladder" Old Testament-character video series. Entirely cast and filmed in Wales, this project presents an experience similar to the "Chronicles of Narnia" (but without special effects.) The teen actors do a credible job helping young viewers relate to Bible characters. Episode two, Gideon, Warrior by Faith, is included on the DVD, plus special feature presentation Up the Ladder, a fascinating exploration of the series filming.

Jacob’s Ladder – a new series spotlighting stories from the Bible – introduces a group of adolescents who come upon a lighthouse and discover that its keeper, Rafael, is able to transport them back in time to witness pivotal events in the Old Testament firsthand. The first volume contains “Gideon, Reluctant Hero” and “Gideon, Warrior by Faith,” which tell the tale of the Christian hero Gideon (forever associated with a trumpet). Jacob’s Ladder does a fair job of relating the struggles faced centuries ago to contemporary issues, and while the intended middle school and junior audiences (ages 10-15) for these programs can be tough customers, the episodes are professional, engaging, and successfully bring the featured stories to life (although, rather oddly, instead of Middle Eastern sets and costumes, the recreations have the look of Middle Ages-era England). DVD extras include a behind-the-scenes segment and PDF study materials. Recommended.

Unfortunately, only a few Old Testament stories – i.e., Daniel and the lion’s den, Noah and the ark – head the list for most children’s books and films. However, this DVD series, developed for ages 10-15, chose lesser-known stories like Gideon and Naomi and Ruth to show God’s interaction with His children. Raphael, a mysterious lighthouse keeper, has the ability to transport a group of young teens back in time to experience biblical tales firsthand. Often one of the “teen pack” is costumed and inserted into the story line while the rest merely observe. Filmed in Wales, where architecture and countryside do not resemble a biblical landscape, this production has adequate costuming and dialogue. An ensemble cast fills a wide variety of roles, albeit with British accents. Reproducible study guides are included on the DVDs, making them appropriate for Sunday school use. This vehicle for bridging the gap between biblical and modern times may not be accepted by some sophisticated teens today. In fact, children younger than the series’ target audience may enjoy these tales more than their older counterparts. Still, these DVDs would make a good addition to a church library’s DVD collection.

A group of young teens are transported into Old Testament times where they take part in the action and drama of God's people. Filmed in Wales, with the same cast of characters playing different roles, the entire series includes 13 episodes. A PDF teaching guide can be printed for each 30-mintue episode. Good PDF lesson plans for each episode cite the dramatized scripture passages and include life application lessons and discussion questions. Though the accents of the characters are British, our young teens will adapt quickly. They will enjoy and remember the biblical characters and events that provided faith lessons and on how God guided his people, then and today. Recommended for Sunday school classes grades 5-7 or for family viewing at home.

Customer Reviews

- Family Friendly Retelling of Old Testament Heroes

My 10 year old daughter loves this series, so does the rest of the family. Besides being an entertaining series, we learn a lot about trusting in God and having a relationship with Him, while learning about Gideon, Ruth, Samuel, Saul, and David. I wish there were more series like Jacobs Ladder. My daughter asks to watch an episode or two most every night.

- Great Stories!

Great series. I have been using these in our 9-13 age group class at church. A well done way to teach these Biblical stories to this multi-sensory generation.

- Love the Videos!

We used this video for rotation Sunday school and then I watched it. I love the videos. The man who is the creator of these loves Jesus and it is evident in the story and in the way it is done. Thank you for a great series. We plan on using them for the next two fall semesters.
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