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Jacob's Ladder: Episodes 12 - 13: David

Episode 12: David on the Run -- King Saul wants David dead but has failed to get him killed on the battlefield. In his madness, Saul throws a spear at David while he plays the lute for the king. Episode 13: A New King -- King Saul is in hot pursuit of David, who is hiding in a cave. When the king walks into the cave, David has the opportunity to kill the man who is trying to kill him.

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  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 1 hr

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The "teenpack" is looking for adventure when they discover a mysterious old lighthouse and the even more mysterious keeper, Rafael. Through the lighthouse, the young teens are transported to Bible times where they interact with timeless characters and learn of a loving God who cares for His people throughout all the ages. These action-packed, top quality dramas are geared to youth ages 10-15, but are great for the whole family or for classroom use. Creative, easy-to-use pdf study materials are included to help young teens apply the faith-building lessons to their lives.

Episode 12: David on the Run --
King Saul is out to kill his most successful and loyal soldier, David. While David finds refuge through the people of God, Saul shows no respect for God or his people. See the results of their decisions as this tale unfolds. Widescreen.

Episode 13: A New King -- In King Saul's darkest hour, he finally attempts to call on God as he once did, but God is silent. Where will Saul turn now? Can he sink any lower in his defiance of God? The story of David comes to a thrilling conclusion as he continues to walk in covenant with the Lord - the same covenant that began so many years before when Jacob saw a ladder to heaven.

Editorial Reviews

Please note - review is written for Jacob's Ladder: Episodes 10-11 and Jacob's Ladder: Episodes 12-13 - each sold separately. These two DVDs contain the final four episodes of the 13-part series. Filmed in Wales with a native cast, each dramatic episode begins with a group of teens known as the "teenpack" entering a lighthouse where the lighthouse keeper transports them to Old Testament times. In episode 10, "The King Needs Help," King Saul is becoming increasingly violent and mentally unstable. The prophet Samuel is told by God to anoint David as the new king of the Hebrews. David saves the country by fighting and killing Goliath. In the subsequent episodes – "Death Waiting," "David on the Run," and "A New King" – David must prove he has the strength of character and faith to rule the Hebrew people. Solid acting and fast-paced action filmed in rugged settings make these tales appealing, especially for boys. The non-denominational stories remain true to scripture, although they are embellished for dramatic effect. A few weaknesses include abrupt endings and synthetic-looking costumes and props which do not fit with the time period. Several of the fair skinned, blond actors also appear out of place. However, these minor flaws don’t affect the value of these DVD’s as Bible teaching aids. Bonus features include behind-the-scenes segments and study materials. Preteens will be captivated by these action-packed stories. An excellent choice for Christian schools, church libraries, and home schooling.

A group of young teens are transported into Old Testament times where they take part in the action and drama of God's people. Filmed in Wales, with the same cast of characters playing different roles, the entire series includes 13 episodes. A PDF teaching guide can be printed for each 30-minute episode. Good PDF lesson plans for each episode cite the dramatized scripture passages and include life application lessons and discussion questions. Though the accents of the characters are British, our young teens will adapt quickly. They will enjoy and remember the biblical characters and events that provided faith lessons and on how God guided his people, then and today. Recommended for Sunday school classes grades 5-7 or for family viewing at home.

Unfortunately, only a few Old Testament stories – i.e., Daniel and the lion’s den, Noah and the ark – head the list for most children’s books and films. However, this DVD series, developed for ages 10-15, chose lesser-known stories like Gideon and Naomi and Ruth to show God’s interaction with His children. Raphael, a mysterious lighthouse keeper, has the ability to transport a group of young teens back in time to experience biblical tales firsthand. Often one of the “teen pack” is costumed and inserted into the story line while the rest merely observe. Filmed in Wales, where architecture and countryside do not resemble a biblical landscape, this production has adequate costuming and dialogue. An ensemble cast fills a wide variety of roles, albeit with British accents. Reproducible study guides are included on the DVDs, making them appropriate for Sunday school use. This vehicle for bridging the gap between biblical and modern times may not be accepted by some sophisticated teens today. In fact, children younger than the series’ target audience may enjoy these tales more than their older counterparts. Still, these DVDs would make a good addition to a church library’s DVD collection.

Customer Reviews

- Director of Christian Education

Our middle school youth really enjoy this film series. There are no complaints when they see one of these episodes, which we show monthly as part of their Sunday School rotation. I hope that they continue this great Old Testament series. The production value is high, the medium is great for teens, and the support materials very useful.

- Excellent Drama for All Ages

This is an excellent series. One that is understood and enjoyed by all ages. There are lessons learned here in God's Word dramatized. A great job is done by all.

- Great Stories!

Great series. I have been using these in our 9-13 age group class at church. A well done way to teach these Biblical stories to this multi-sensory generation.

- Recommended!

My 10 year old daughter loves this series, so does the rest of the family. Besides being an entertaining series, we learn a lot about trusting in God and having a relationship with Him, while learning about Gideon, Ruth, Samuel, Saul, and David. I wish there were more series like Jacobs Ladder. My daughter asks to watch an episode or two most every night.
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