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Forsaken Promise

A two-part documentary program about the British Mandate period between 1918 and 1948 in the territory then known as Palestine.

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  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 2 hrs 44 min

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In November, 1917, the British government made a pledge to the Jewish people through the Balfour Declaration to help establish a Jewish National Homeland in the territory then known as Palestine. After World War I ended, the League of Nations awarded Britain the Mandate for Palestine with the proviso that the Balfour Declaration was implemented along with "close Jewish settlement in the Land." As difficulties arose, Britain gradually watered down her original commitment until the MacDonald White Paper of 1939 virtually closed the borders of Palestine to Jewish immigration.

The Forsaken Promise documents the failure of Britain and her appointed institutions and officials, whether military, administrative or political, to fulfill her pledge under the Balfour Declaration and her legal obligations under the Mandate. It highlights a number of tragic events that took place during that period, mainly through the testimonies of people who were victims of those events, participant in them, or eye-witnessed to them. They speak of Britain's political expediency and even treachery towards the Jewish people in appeasing the militant Arab nationalist movement, as well as causing the wholesale misery of many thousands of Jewish people who were turned away from the shores of Palestine in the 1930s and 40s. Through the 1939 White Paper, the British government also made inevitable the deaths of an untold number of Jews who could have escaped Hitler’s Final Solution, had they been able to find refuge in their ancient homeland.

Here is an excellent resource, thoroughly researched and documented and beautifully produced that sets forth the perspective of many Israelis on the historical grievances and current tensions in the Holy Land. Fullscreen.

Part 1:
"The Forsaken Promise, the Forsaken Jews" - 1 hour
Part 2: "The End of the Mandate, the End of the Empire" - 1 hour
Abridged Version: Contains highlights from both episodes - 44 minutes

WARNING! This DVD contains images from the Holocaust and other atrocities which some viewers may find distressing. Not suitable for young children.

Editorial Reviews

Here is a documentary that shows both the consequences of Israel's rejection of her Messiah and, in contrast, the truth recorded in Scripture that others dare not tamper with and treat harshly God's Chosen People, the Jews. Certainly God's unconditional promises to His Chosen Ones are demonstrated in the true historical events. In 1917 Britain made a pledge, known as the Balfour Declaration, to help the Jewish people establish a national homeland in the territory then called Palestine. Even the League of Nations awarded the British a mandate to carry our this plan. However, Britain failed to carry out its promise. As a result, the British government made inevitable the deaths of thousands of Jewish people who were turned away from the shores of Palestine in the 1930s and 1940s, and perhaps millions who could have escaped Hitler's Holocaust during World War II. It is a fact of history that needs to be told, and its lessons need to be learned. Anti-Semitism wasn't confined to Nazi Germany. Britain actually intended to establish a predominately Arab state in what was called Palestine. It was a miracle of God's sovereign grace that Israel became a country in 1948 in a struggle against all odds. And Britain, formerly on whose empire the sun never set, became a nation beset with problems and has since lost much, if not most, of her former glory. There is even talk that in a number of years the burgeoning Muslim population in Britain will take over the nation that produced some of the greatest Christian pastors, writers, and missionaries. This DVD is divided into three parts: parts 1 and 2 are one hour each in length. The third part is a 44 minute abridge version of highlights from parts 1 and 2.

The British failure to implement the Balfour Declaration of 1917 - in which the government pledged to help establish a Jewish state in Palestine -is the subject of Hugh Kitson's unabashedly Zionist documentary The Forsaken Promise. After the end of WWI, the United nations awarded Britain a mandate for the region, but in the following years British authorities not only ignored the Balfour commitment, but systematically stymied Jewish immigration (even with the knowledge that it would condemn many to death in Nazi concentrations camps), confined resident Jews in Palestine to a limited area west of Jordan, and ultimately encouraged Arab hostility against them. Narrated by Ian Cullen, the film combines archival footgae and stills together with interviews of scholars and surviving eyewitnesses to fashion n often moving indictment of English policy. This is recommended on the basis of the excellent source materials scattered throughout.

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