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Somebody's Daughter DVD And Audio CD

In Somebody's Daughter you meet four men who could be your neighbors. They were looked up to by wives, children, church folk. But porn was secretly eating each of them alive, just like it's eating millions in the world today.

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  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 1 hr 2 min

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Price: $14.99
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  • Special Jury Award & Remi Gold

    Worldfest Houston Awards 2009

  • Bronze Crown Award for Best Music Video

    ICVM 2009

  • Bronze Crown Award for Best Youth Film

    ICVM 2009

  • Bronze Telly Award for Best Documentary

    Telly Awards 2009

  • Storyteller Award

    Redemptive Film Festival 2008


Pornography is one of the most difficult moral challenges of our time. What was once considered obscene is now a multi-billion dollar industry increasingly becoming the norm within mainstream culture. Because of the internet with its accessibility, anonymity, and affordability, pornography addictions have risen to epidemic levels, destroying intimacy, marriages and families, while distorting our definition of sex and sexuality.

Watch - and listen - as three men and a husband and wife share their intensely personal struggle of how pornography crept in and ravaged their lives. From abuser to victim, its introduction seemed harmless but proved to be an infectious destroyer. The groundbreaking DVD/CD,
Somebody’s Daughter, confronts the darkness and lies of this alluring vice with compelling honesty and hope.

From the DVD documentary surrounded by relevant and poignant music videos to the bonus CD featuring original songs, more personal stories, poetry and readings, you'll find this unique combination creates a life-giving journey to freedom . . . a journey that leads us into the light and celebrates the dignity of every human being. Widescreen.

Somebody’s Daughter – is worth its weight in gold and should be shown to men’s gatherings in every church in America, with candid conversations immediately following!” --David Bryant of Proclaim Hope

Special Features:

-Documentary - five individuals share their journey to freedom from pornography
-Optional English subtitles (documentary)
-Four Music Videos:
Never Shake His Hand, Losing Ground, Somebody's Daughter, Free

Bonus CD
-Nine topic specific songs
-Personal stories

Editorial Reviews

We celebrate the teaching and discipleship of Steve Siler and Music for the Soul, including the powerful and God-honoring Somebody's Daughter DVD. We are happy to link arms with Steve in the battle against pornography and the strengthening of individuals, marriages, and families across the nation.

This project is so well done that it’s almost overwhelming.

I’ve seen everything that’s out there on the issue of sexual addiction and there is nothing that even comes close to this. It is ideally suited for the church.

The Somebody’s Daughter DVD is by far the best artistic presentation available to help people who have struggled with pornography or to help prevent that struggle in their children’s lives.

This is by far the best video production regarding this matter I have ever seen. It is a powerful tool to communicate a very real struggle and the message of hope and recovery.

Tastefully and masterfully done, Somebody's Daughter is a must-see for every man in America. It combines intimacy and transparency like no other video I’ve ever seen on the subject.

The Somebody’s Daughter DVD is one of the most powerful tools I have ever used in counseling.

'Somebody's Daughter' is what I have been searching for for years.

Every pastor and counselor in America should have it.

Every man on the planet needs a copy of this project!

EVERYTHING in the 'Somebody's Daughter DVD is true. Thank you for knowing.

Get it for yourself, for your church, for your friends, possibly a co-worker. We all know some individual who needs this in now.

The statistics are staggering. The consequences to souls of men, their marriages, families and careers are incalculable. Burdened by this devastation and the battle we all face for purity, Dove Award winning songwriter and producer, Steve Siler, has now added a vividly gripping DVD to his highly acclaimed Somebody's Daughter CD. Testimonies of those who have walked through the devastation in their own lives are artfully buttressed with four powerful music videos that will stir your soul and leave a lump in your throat. Put this DVD in the hands of every man you care about and are fighting for. It will strengthen their resolve, and yours.

Somebody's Daughter helps us see clearly the immeasurable harm done to the texture of human lives by making women serve as the stimulus and the fulfillment of sexual lust. That this "thing" being used before us is Somebody's Daughter calls us back to relationships of respect and care that make "love" a meaningful word again.

Somebody's Daughter really hit home with me. The music and videos are inspiring and the testimonies reminded me of my own struggle with pornography. The church should be a addressing this issue because it is destroying individuals, families, and even churches. Somebody's Daughter is a powerful and effective tool to help fight this terrible problem. I wish every church in America had a copy of this DVD to help them set people free from the grasp of pornography.

In all of my attempts to find a ministry tool to initiate the healing of men damaged by the horrific addiction to pornography, there is one project that I think stands out far above all others. The producers of "Somebody's Daughter" chose not to place blurred images of pornography or of scantly clothed women in the video which simply stirs men's addictions. The video contains nothing of a graphic nature, nor anything of shock value strategy. This DVD is so full of honesty, vulnerability, and grace that men are melted by it. I happened upon the video on line and had no intention of viewing it in its entirety, but from the moment it started I felt compelled to not move. It was as if I was sitting in the presence of a holy loving Father hearing Him gently warn me and exhort me. The presence of Shelli Mandeville, the only woman on the video, is almost indescribable concerning the impact she makes. Through most of the video she is silent, but when she speaks it is as gentle as a summer breeze and as powerful as a tidal wave. Her husband’s final song "Free" is one of the most beautiful, inspiring, songs I have ever heard. After viewing the video at a men's dinner several of the men in my fellowship stood and openly confessed their need for help in this area of struggle. I have spoken with the producer Steve Siler and just as I suspected the actual production was continually bathed in prayer and tears. Our fellowship has purchased the video and given it to ministries in Southern Africa as well as ministries across the U.S. in hopes to help men find freedom through this gentle yet powerful DVD.

Somebody's Daughter interviews four men, one with his wife, about how pornography invaded their lives and relationships. Originally perceived as a victimless crime, here each man details how pornography became an addictive and destructive force, painfully distorting their concepts of sex, marriage and intimacy. The presentation is frank and honest, perhaps not appropriate for young children, but certainly suitable for teenage boys as they develop a curious interest regarding their own sexual identity. The set includes a bonus CD with supplemental material, interviews and songs. This would be an excellent resource for any men's group/ministry within the supportive network of the church.

"Somebody's Daughter" is a compelling and effective tool in the battle against pornography.

Customer Reviews

- Somebody's Daughter

I just really want to commend you on "Somebody's Daughter"! You did an absolute beautiful job! This subject hit our neighborhood a few weeks ago, young boys finding explicit videos, and I'm so thankful to be able to arm my own family and to reach out and minister to the close friends/neighbors whose home contained the "secret" videos. They are going to watch the video this weekend and I'm confident that God will give them tremendous hope. I loved the song "Free"! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for being so candid, PRAISE GOD for the work He is doing in and through all of you! God bless!


This is what we are confronted with daily - it is EVERYWHERE! On our TV's, internet in our grocery stores, petrol stations that sell magazines and is high time that "It" is confronted and exposed for the deed of darkness that it is and that especially children do not think it is normal or even OK! BUY ONE NOW! IT IS AMAZING AND THE MUSIC IS SENSATIONAL!

- Somebody's Daughter

As a counselor, I greatly appreciate the "Somebody's Daughter" DVD. I have used it several times in counseling situations to help young men and not so young men to see the grave dangers of Pornography. This program does a masterful job of grabbing the attention of men who have bought into the lie that pornography is the Victimless Vice or It is OK to look but not touch.

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