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Single Creek

Single Creek is a documentary about real Christian singles with real issues at all stages of life.

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  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 53 min

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According to U.S. Census data, approximately 100 million single adults now live in the United States, representing 45% of all U.S. households. Single Creek is a documentary about real Christian singles with real issues at all stages of life. How does the family-centric church treat those who are unmarried, divorced, widowed or those who choose lives of celibacy? The film urges church leaders and married couples to consider new ways to connect with this growing demographic while challenging singles themselves to live full lives of faith. Also included are insights from well-known authors and speakers, including Dennis Franck, Wendy Widder, Terry Hershey, and Randy Thomas, on the subject of singleness and the church. Widescreen.

Single Creek provides inspiration, encouragement and insight for singles while exploring hurt, rejection and fear of being alone. Individuals share the steps they took to move beyond disappointment in life to finding comfort and purpose in their singleness.” — Ken Mikesell, President and General Manager, Good Life Broadcasting

DVD Extras:
• Director's Commentary
• Movie Trailer
• Music Video

Editorial Reviews

The title of Chris Lang's documentary may be unintentionally funny—many of the interviewees here must feel that they're "up a creek" when it comes to the social conventions of Christianity, which (as depicted here) doesn't have a strong handle on how to include and involve single adults within the church. Christianity tends to be more family-oriented, but for believers who aren't hitched (including those who are unmarried, divorced, widowed, or celibate), the religious experience can be difficult, especially when efforts at organizing groups can result in feeling even further isolated within the community. The interviewees here are smart, funny, attractive, and articulate in describing the awkwardness of activities designed to serve them. Probably the most amusing and heartbreaking moments come when they describe the "meet market" (note the spelling) of the typical singles ministry, which include: retreats composed of mostly women and "that one guy"; speed-dating events that pair people in their 30s with people in their 70s or 80s; and the dreaded but well-meaning offer to "fix you up with one of my friends" who might have a Christian faith in common—but little else. Observations from authors and speakers well-versed on the subject are interspersed throughout this helpful and humorous guidance program that also will surely give non-single churchgoers better insight into their solo counterparts. Highly recommended.

Customer Reviews

- Tears of Joy!

"I loved watching your program, you made me feel like I am not alone...I feel funny sometimes to go into a church because of what society thinks. I am divorced...When I watched your program you brought tears of joy to me...Thank you for the feelings of belonging and fitting in. God bless you all." - F. Corey

- Much Needed!

All I can say is, beautiful! God bless you and thank you for this much-needed endeavor.

- Opened my Eyes!

This video opened my eyes to the struggles, joys, challenges and experiences of Christian single adults. The film looked at the issue from several different angles and did a wonderful job of being raw, real and genuine. If we are all part of the church family, then we need to understand what our family members are going thru. So it's very important for everyone to see this film, not just singles. I highly recommend this film.

- Real and Applicable!

This film opened my eyes to see that the single people in my church need my friendship and support regardless if I am married or not. It is very real and applicable. I love the song of the by the creek... amazing message in those words!

- New Appreciation!

I've been married for 14 years. I never really considered the challenges of being single. I just assumed it was a lifestyle choice. This film gave me a new appreciation for what it means to live as a single.

- Should Be Shown in Every Church!

"Single Creek" tells real stories about single adults of all ages. It's not a movie about dating or "finding the one." Rather, it's focus is on "being the one." This is movie that should be shown in every church - not just to single adults. Married people will be surprised and reminded of their own need for a personal walk with God.

- Not Just for Singles!

this is not just for singles, but for all people who have any contact with single christians. this really speaks to the joys and challenges of being a single christian in todays society.

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