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Robert Hicks Story

Born tongue-tied and dyslexic and suffering at the hands of abusive parents, Robert Hicks seemed to be doomed to a life of pain and poverty. But a miraculous transformation would allow him to become a remarkably productive businessman and prolific publisher of gospel literature.

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  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 40 min.
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Robert Hicks was born during an air raid in 1940’s Birmingham, England. His childhood was marked by parental neglect and abuse, his body afflicted with Ankylglossia (commonly known as being tongue-tied), and his mind challenged by dyslexia. With a start like that, one might assume that Robert was destined for a troubled and unproductive life. Yet, as an adult Robert Hicks became a successful entrepreneur, operating a variety of productive businesses including a publishing company that has distributed millions of pieces of gospel literature worldwide.

Discover how Robert Hicks went from forgotten child to faithful follower in this personal and profound documentary program.

Includes Optional English subtitles.

Editorial Reviews

Robert Hicks, a successful British publisher of Christian books, is the engaging and often sympathetic figure at the center of Gary Wilkinson’s documentary about overcoming the travails of youth to take one’s place in the world. Born in Birmingham during a 1940 air raid, Hicks grew up burdened by physically abusive parents, dyslexia, and ankyloglossia (commonly known as being tongue-tied). Living in a Dickensian nightmare, Hicks found the strength to fight back against his father (decking him one night, which put an end to beatings). But it was only after he fled home while still a boy that he was able to find comfort and opportunity elsewhere, as well as gain help for his communication and reading problems. From there Hicks willed himself to become a successful businessman who was guided by faith. Hicks, who sounds exactly like Michael Caine when he speaks, is a humble yet appealing straight-talker whose story will serve as an inspiration to others. Recommended. Aud: C, P. (T. Keogh)

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