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This historical docudrama presents the life of a Czech prodigy from an unusual point of view. The world-famous Dutch painter Rembrandt is painting a portrait of Comenius and their dialogue includes memories of events that affected Comenius's life and work.

  • Item 502030D
  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 96 mins
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Price: $7.99
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As the world-famous Dutch artist Rembrandt paints his portrait, John Amos Comenius tells him about his extraordinary life. Comenius was a brilliant 17th-century Czech scholar, educator, philosopher, and theologian. He is considered the father of modern universal education. He championed equal educational opportunities for the poor and for women, and his ideas were adopted in many European countries. Despite his international reputation, Comenius was persecuted in his own homeland because of his Protestant faith, forcing him into life-long exile. Today he is considered a hero of the Czech Republic. His tragic, yet triumphant, story is brought to life in this moving and visually rich production. Dubbed in English.

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