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The Incredible Journey - Daniel Series

This docu-drama includes six episodes on the life of the Old Testament hero Daniel.

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  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 6 x 26 min.
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Price: $19.99
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Episode 1 - The Captive
By a remarkable turn of events, Daniel the hostage became Daniel the Prime Minister of Babylon and the King’s most trusted adviser. How did he do it? His secret of inner spiritual strength will provide us with the key to surviving the challenges of life and, more importantly, the end-time.

Episode 2 - The Hand That Guides the Future
Does God really exist? And if He does, does He really pay much attention as we hurtle through space on a little blue planet? An ancient king’s amazing dream gives startling evidence for the existence of God and proves that not only does He notice us, but His hand is still steering history towards one incredible final event.

Episode 3 - Faith in the Flames
Over two thousand years ago, a remarkable scene played out near ancient Babylon. An enormous golden statue of the most powerful king had been set up, and everyone was ordered to bow down to it. Three young men refused. Their decision placed their lives in imminent danger.

Episode 4 - The King Who Ate Grass
Nebuchadnezzar was the greatest King on earth. He ruled over the biggest empire the world had ever seen, from his palaces in the beautiful city of Babylon. This is the story of his struggle to accept that he wasn’t the center of the universe and that the true God was in control. It helps us reflect on how God has worked throughout our lives to reveal himself to us.

Episode 5 - The Writing on the Wall
Daniel! The very name of this superhero of God brings vivid images to our minds: dreams of world empires, golden statues, fiery furnaces, lions’ dens, horns, beasts, powerful angels delivering mysterious end-time prophecies, and the rise and fall of world empires. In this program, we look at the life and times of Daniel and consider the special message he has for us.

Episode 6 - Surviving the Lion’s Den
There are many heroes in the Bible. Some are great warriors. But others are men of quiet faith – men who display their courage, not on the battlefield, but simply by their faithfulness to God. Daniel is such a man. In this episode we consider his experience in the lions’ den. It is an inspiring story about courage and bravery, but most of all, about true faithfulness, about faith in God through all things.

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