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Bible Collection: David (TNT)

Here is one of the greatest sagas in all human history—the story of Israel's greatest king.

  • Item 68932D
  • Region: US and Canada
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 3 hrs 5 min
Retail: $14.99
Price: $5.00
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Here is one of the greatest sagas in all human history—the story of Israel's greatest king. He became a nationally known hero while still a teenager in his battle with the giant Goliath. Thereupon his life was caught up in the whirlwind of his people’s life and destiny. Never far from danger, political intrigue, the jealousy of opponents, and the problems caused by his own surging passions, David, nevertheless, emerged as a "man after God's own heart."

Nathaniel Parker as David.

DVD Features:
Language:English, Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
Closed Captioned


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Customer Reviews

- David

This is one of the best Bible movie I ever saw. Not the usual B rated Christian movie that's typical. The movie lasts 4 hours and when it finishes you wish it would keep going. Jacob and Abraham area also top shelf.

- David King of Israel by TNT

This is one of the most Biblically accurate movies you'll ever see. Has a few minor inaccuracies but on the whole it's very true to the Biblical account. Nathaniel Parker plays David with a passion and devotion to God a man who admits his sins and shortcomings and who is truly repentive of his sins a man after God's own Heart. Leonard Nimoy and Franco Nero both play the prophets of God with great skills and authenticity. If you truly believe the Bible and love it's timeless stories and appreciate the heroes of the Bible who lived with a devotion to God unseen in today's world, you MUST see this movie !
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