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Faithlife Original Documentaries - Set of 4

This set of four documentaries from Faithlife Films includes Aliens and Demons, Archaeology and Jesus, Authorized, and Fragments of Truth.

  • Item 97314D
  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 284 min.
Retail: $74.96
Price: $39.99
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Aliens and Demons — UFO conventions may not seem like a good place for a Christian theology professor, but that’s where you can sometimes find Dr. Michael Heiser, an Old Testament scholar and author of the book, The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible. Dr. Heiser’s interest in UFO stories has led him to ask intriguing questions like, are all these stories of unidentified objects in the sky and alien abductions merely the product of sci-fi fantasy run amuck or could there be something deeper hidden under the surface? In this provocative documentary, Dr. Michael Heiser explores the unexpected intersection between UFOs, alien abductions, the world of angels and demons, and the ancient texts that speak of them.

Archaeology and JesusNo place on earth has arrested the attention of adventurers and archaeologists like the Holy Land. But does what we dig up in Israel bear resemblance to the stories that we read about Jesus in the Gospels? To answer this question, Archaeology and Jesus follows two paths. You’ll explore the process of archaeology with the top experts digging in Israel today. And along the way you’ll join New Testament scholar Dr. Craig Evans as he reveals groundbreaking finds that illuminate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Includes four episodes: (1) Exploring the "Jesus House," (2) The Sealed Locus, (3) The Olive Press of Death, and (4) The Shape of the Cross.

Authorized — The King James Bible has profoundly influenced the church as well as the broader culture for over 400 years. The translation brilliantly brought the scriptures to life for the people of the English-speaking world during the Elizabethan era. It is still the most widely read Bible translation in the United States. But does the archaic language of the KJV lead to confusion and misinterpretation for speakers of modern English? In this surprising and entertaining film, Dr. Mark Ward explores the challenges facing readers of the King James Bible today. He shows why every English reader can benefit from today's translations—and why you might not be as fluent in KJV English as you think.

Fragments of Truth — Can we trust the Bible? Our faith is based on the New Testament–but can we really trust the Bible? Skeptics say no, arguing that the Gospel manuscripts have been doctored to push a theological agenda. Join Dr. Craig Evans as he takes this claim head-on, traveling the globe to track down the most ancient New Testament Manuscripts. Along the way, he highlights groundbreaking new evidence, demonstrating that the case for the reliability of the New Testament manuscripts is stronger than ever.

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