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Music and Majesty - Set of Five

Music and Majesty collection of five DVDs features beautiful music against the backdrop of stunning scenery to help you reflect on God's Word. Each DVD highlights a different scriptural theme. Includes: Music and Majesty: Comfort, Heaven, Prayer, Praise and Wonder, and Majestic Hymns.

  • Item 97672D
  • Region: US and Canada
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 195 min
Retail: $79.95
Price: $49.99
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Music and Majesty: Comfort
Music & Majesty: Comfort beckons you to step aside and find solace and peace in God. Let this medley of breathtaking images from God's creation, 10 gentle instrumental arrangements from the Our Daily Bread: Hymns of Comfort, and verses from the Bible wash over you, soothing your spirit with the comfort and reassurance of Scripture.

Music and Majesty: Heaven
From rainbows arching through fleecy clouds, to afternoon sunbeams gilding misty pine forests, the images in this DVD will turn your eyes to the God who made all of creation. They accompany 10 soft, tranquil instrumental arrangements of beloved songs from the Our Daily Bread: Hymns of Heaven, and verses from God's Word - all designed to help you gain an eternal perspective to light your day.

Music and Majesty: Prayer
From kingly mountains to wave-beaten coastlines, Music & Majesty: Prayer is filled with vision of the creation that will help you turn your eyes to the Creator.
The stunning cinematography, music from
Our Daily Bread: Hymns of Prayer with Scripture verses throughout will beckon you away from the busyness of the day to help you reflect on God's Word, turning your thoughts into prayer to the Almighty. Includes 10 songs each with stunning cinematography.

Music and Majesty: Praise and Wonder
Celebrate the majesty of God's creation with Music & Majesty: Hymns of Praise & Wonder. You'll find an intimate worship experience with images of breathtaking scenery and Scripture verses centered on the theme of wonder and praise.

Music and Majesty: Majestic Hymns
Celebrate the majesty of God’s creation. Featuring music from the Majestic Hymns album recorded with the City of Prague Symphonic Orchestra, you’ll experience images of breathtaking scenery and Scripture verses about the majesty of our Lord.

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