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Jesus Revealed - Set of Three

It's time to encounter the authentic Jesus! In this fresh and innovative series of short teaching films, church leader and gifted communicator Andy Frost asks us to take a new look at Jesus. Is he the Jesus we think we know? Set of Three includes - Disc 1 - Underdog - Revolutionary - Hero Disc 2 - Headliner - Dreamer Disc 3 - Wildman - Wrestler

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  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 94 Mins
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Built around remarkably authentic dramatic reenactments of Jesus' life combined with Frost's incisive biblical commentary, each 12-15 minute episode will peel away our safe and sanitized views of Jesus and reveal the original Jesus of the Gospels. This series is ideal for small group discussion, Christian education classes, high school and college groups. A PDF study guide is included.

Disc 1 includes these three episodes:

Episode 1: Underdog (Based on Matthew 4:18-22) - Jesus was born poor and, by some accounts, illegitimate, in a feeding trough, inside a dank barn. When the authorities tried to kill the little boy, the family fled and became asylum-seeking refugees. Jesus was truly an underdog and he chose to associate with other underdogs. In this installment of Jesus Revealed, teacher Andy Frost says, "Coming to terms with the 'underdog Jesus' changes everything about how we see him and how we see ourselves."

Episode 2: Revolutionary (Based on Luke 4:14-30, John 2:13-20) - In this installment, Andy Frost asks us to put aside our sanitized views of Jesus the nice guy, and confronts us with the Jesus who turned over tables and screamed against hypocrisy, the Jesus who crossed racial and gender divides and who purposely and publicly broke religious laws.

Episode 3: Hero (Based on Matthew 27:24-54) - Jesus is the greatest hero we could ever hope to follow. But this hero is different from the others. His greatest accomplishments appears to be a horrendous defeat. In this installment, Andy Frost takes us inside the brutal reality of Jesus' execution and urges us to see it for what it is: the greatest event in history.

Includes optional English subtitles.

Disc 2 includes these two episodes:

Episode 4: Headliner (Based on Matthew 17:1-9) - Christians say that they follow Jesus, but what does that really mean? it's one thing to follow a set of rules or expectations, but Christians are called to follow a person. Who is Jesus to you? Is he a hobby or the focus of your existence, your headliner? In this installment, Andy Frost shows us what happened when Jesus revealed his true glory to some of his disciples.

Episode 5: Dreamer (Based on Matthew 5-7) - Jesus was a dreamer. He believed another world was truly possible. And he believed in this dream so deeply that he was willing to pay for it with his life. In this installment, Andy Frost outlines the dream of Jesus as found in his teaching and asks, Do you share his dream?

Includes optional English subtitles.

Disc 3 includes these two episodes:

Episode 6: Wildman (Matthew 3:13-4:11)
Jesus was anything but predictable. Right from the start – when he was baptized at the River Jordan – he marches off into the wilderness to battle with Satan. This DVD explores the temptations that we face and how we hold onto our identity amidst the trials and the challenges. The call to follow Jesus is anything but safe, we are called to live lives that will not always make sense to the world around us.

Episode 7: Wrestler (Matthew 26:36-45)
We are called to be followers of Jesus but that can be difficult. The footprints of the physical Jesus have long since disappeared and instead we often follow a set of rules or spiritual to-do lists. It is time to get back to following Jesus again and to do this we must first grapple to understand the very identity of Jesus.

Includes optional English subtitles.

Editorial Reviews

I think these videos would be an excellent way to spark conversation w/ anyone who had some level of interest in the person of Jesus, or even to carry those who have been Christians for some time into deeper reflection on the significance of knowing and following Jesus.

J.R. Rozko

if Nooma is a standard for professionalism, this series gets really close....(The) content is excellent. The presentation is thoughtful, passionate and (to use a terribly overused word…) authentic. I found the acting and the sets to be really helpful, and for me, visuals are important. I really liked these three episodes (0n disc 1) and I intend to use them. There are several main positives that I see:

1. The presentation of the story of Jesus is accurate.

2. From a practical perspective, the ability to download is better for overseas use which I really care about) and allows one to view on a tablet for small group use as well as other computer based uses which is superior to being tied to a DVD.

3. The episodes are easily split into short segments that can stand alone! Thus a single segment can be used as a really good visual illustration of a lesson for someone to ask the group important questions. Indeed, Frost’s teaching includes questions that he poses with passion.

4. Frost’s presentation is passionate without getting to the point of being ‘preachy.’

Tom Foley

I'm normally pretty skeptical of Jesus videos...But I've been impressed with this set. In seven sessions over three discs, Brit Andy Frost brings the story of Jesus to life by looking at our Lord from some different perspectives, including Underdog, Revolutionary, Hero, Headliner, and Dreamer. I think Jesus Revealed could be a really useful resource, especially in small group settings and especially for people who are needing an introduction to this man Jesus. Justin Fung

These videos are a valuable and versatile new resource for all of those who care about the propagation of the Gospel in this generation. Peter Greig, Alpha International, 24/7 Prayer

The unusual format of Andy Frost delivering biblical commentary interspersed with dramatic reenactments of Jesus' life is an effective tool for this series of teaching films. Each of the seven segments is 12-15 minutes long. Frost is an effective speaker whose teachings work nicely with the mostly well-done dramatic scenes.

For example, "Hero" is based on Matthew 27:24-54. We see Jesus arrested, suffering, and on the cross with Frost communicating the truth of the crucifixion and resurrection. "Wrestler" is based on Matthew 26:36-45 with Jesus in Gethsemane, wrestling with His call to the cross.

Frost is the director of Share Jesus International. A PDF discussion guide is available for downloading. Recommended for church libraries, small groups, and Christian-education classes. However, you should preview this set to determine if the presentations would be appropriate for your congregation.

Customer Reviews

- Highly Recommended

I highly recommend this video series. Here are a few of the things I appreciated about this film; It has very high production values. It is foreign in that it was produced in England and narrated by Andy Frost a young leader and communicator known in England for his Kingdom work and who has a cool accent. This encourages me because too many Jesus videos are Americanized highlighting Jesus with flowing blonde hair and sporting a white bathrobe and a blue Miss America sash around his torso looking much more like a surfer from SoCal than the Son of God from the Middle East. Jesus is accurate, the ethnicity is more accurate than most videos depictions. it doesn't over dramatize him and most importantly it makes Jesus look human! I cant tell you how refreshing it was to see Jesus portrayed as a human being that we can actually relate to! It has this ancient modern back and forth rhythm to it. It goes from what seems to be a fairly accurate depiction of the setting of Jesus in the first century to Andy talking in his jeans sweater and tennis shoes. Its a visually engaging rhythm. The content is solid and the connection between the Old Testament to the New Testament to our lives today is fantastic and seamless Andy asks great questions in a conversational way and refrains from using Christian cliches. He also provides good background information that ties the stories together. We are looking for possible ways to introduce this into the life of our church as I see that this could be engaging and instructive for big and small groups and for both followers of Christ and those who aren't following Jesus but who are intrigued to learn more about him especially for a younger generation of viewers. These are legit and I highly recommend them.
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