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Christian History Magazine Archive DVD

This DVD includes PDF text only of Christian History & Biography Magazine Issues 1 through 145.

  • Item 97889
  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD

Alternate formats: PDF - $12.99

Retail: $29.99
Price: $25.00
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Have you ever wished you could have every copy of Christian History Magazine? Well now you can. The Christian History Magazine Archive has the text of 145 editions of Christian History. This is the only way to obtain the material of several out of print editions.

Containing the first 145 issues of
Christian History magazine, the Christian History Magazine Archive is the perfect gift for the Christian history enthusiasts on your list.

Text of the first 99 issues of
Christian History are available in a searchable PDF file as well as the full text with images of issues 100-145.

This easily accessible DVD works with MAC or Windows computers and is the best way to obtain the rich material of our out-of-print editions.

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