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Life Of C.S. Lewis

Take a look into the life of one of Christianity's most prolific and thought-provoking writers.

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  • Region: US and Canada
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 90 Min
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In this revealing look at the life of C. S. Lewis, go behind the scenes to see the sites he knew so well, and to meet those who knew Lewis personally.

C. S. Lewis is remembered as a scholar, teacher, and writer. He's also been called one of the most influential spokesmen for the Christian faith in the the 20th century.

During his 30 years at Oxford University, Lewis produced a number of bestselling books that are still widely read today, including
The Chronicles of Narnia, and Mere Christianity.

This 4-part video from Day of Discovery The Life of C. S. Lewis explores how Lewis changed from an outspoken opponent of Christianity to one of its most powerful defenders.

Trace the depth of spirit and the breadth of mind that led to his worldwide influence and see what new challenges and changes came during the last decade of his life.

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