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Cyrus Call / Forsaken Promise / Jerusalem Covenant City - Set of Three

Set includes three programs discussing Israel and her land: Cyrus Call / Forsaken Promise / Jerusalem: Covenant City

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  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 6 hrs 19 min
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Cyrus Call -- Just as Cyrus, the King of the ancient Persian Empire, was the divinely appointed facilitator for the return of the Jewish people to Jerusalem after the first exile, the British Empire was entrusted by the God of History after the second exile to restore His ancient covenant people o the Land that He had promised to them as an everlasting inheritance. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 and the beginning of British rule over the historic Land of Israel was the culmination of a vision for the restoration of the Jewish people to their Biblical homeland which had developed in the Church in Great Britain over the previous 300 years.

In this program, Australian author Kelvin Crombie, along with Israeli academics and British churchmen, presents the story of how this outworking of Britain's Christian heritage was intertwined with her geo-political objective in the Middle East of maintaining access to her Easter Empire. Two parts.

Forsaken Promise -- In November, 1917, the British government made a pledge to the Jewish people through the Balfour Declaration to help establish a Jewish National Homeland in the territory then known as Palestine. After World War I ended, the League of Nations awarded Britain the Mandate for Palestine with the proviso that the Balfour Declaration was implemented along with "close Jewish settlement in the Land." As difficulties arose, Britain gradually watered down her original commitment until the MacDonald White Paper of 1939 virtually closed the borders of Palestine to Jewish immigration.

The Forsaken Promise documents the failure of Britain and her appointed institutions and officials, whether military, administrative or political, to fulfill her pledge under the Balfour Declaration and her legal obligations under the Mandate. It highlights a number of tragic events that took place during that period, mainly through the testimonies of people who were victims of those events, participant in them, or eye-witnessed to them. They speak of Britain's political expediency and even treachery towards the Jewish people in appeasing the militant Arab nationalist movement, as well as causing the wholesale misery of many thousands of Jewish people who were turned away from the shores of Palestine in the 1930s and 40s. Through the 1939 White Paper, the British government also made inevitable the deaths of an untold number of Jews who could have escaped Hitler’s Final Solution , had they been able to find refuge in their ancient homeland.

Here is an excellent resource, thoroughly researched and documented and beautifully produced that sets fourth the perspective of many Israelis on the historical grievances and current tensions in the Holy Land.

Part 1: "The Forsaken Promise, the Forsaken Jews" - 1 hour
Part 2: "The End of the Mandate, the End of the Empire" - 1 hour
Abridged Version: Contains highlights from both episodes - 44 minutes

WARNING! This DVD contains images from the Holocaust and other atrocities which some viewers may find distressing. Not suitable for young children.

Jerusalem: Covenant City -- This program is scripted from the open and unapologetic perspective of the producers that the land of Jerusalem and Israel is an irrevocable gift of God to the Jewish people. Agree or disagree, you will find this program superbly produced and its arguments challenging.

Jerusalem is unique among all the cities in the world. There is no other city which has an eternal destiny, and there is no other city which has had its history written in advance. The ancient prophets of Israel predicted many significant events in Jerusalem’s history, hundreds and even thousands of years before they happened, and with stunning accuracy. These predictions include many events that are being fulfilled in our own generation, and there are still many more to be fulfilled in the future.

Part 1 of Jerusalem, the Covenant City traces past prophetic history of the Holy City.
Part 2 explores what the Bible has to say about Jerusalem’s present and future destiny. We discover that, as we move into the third millennium of the Christian Era, the destiny of the whole world hinges upon the destiny of Jerusalem and the nation of Israel. This documentary will bring you a message of challenge and hope that you will not easily forget.

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