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Youth Adventure Series - Set Of Three

Three exciting children's programs from the Youth Adventure Series: The Intruder The Rescuer The Outsider

  • Item 98464D
  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 2 hrs. 56 mins.
Retail: $44.97
Price: $19.98
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Youth Adventure Series: Rescuer -- Rachel (14), Matt (10), and Cassie (9) are drawn into a dangerous situation when Rachel's deep passion for nature takes them to the breathtakingly beautiful English Lake District. Rachel, "The Rescuer," is determined to bring to justice the culprits who are stealing the eagles' eggs, but when Cassie becomes trapped on a treacherous cliff, Rachel is faced with a decision that will change her life forever. Her faith is strengthened when she learns to put others' needs above her own.

Youth Adventure Series: Intruder -- The Bartons' comfortable suburban existence is thrown into chaos when cousin Kevin comes to live with them and everyone's patience and character are tested to the limit by the adventure that unfolds. The young people discover stolen goods stored in a nearby abandoned house. They have to deal with the gang that hid them, the police who want them, and their own consciences. Through it all everyone endures difficulties and grows in ways they never expected. This film helps young people learn to take responsibility for their actions and see the power of forgiveness. Includes study guide.

Youth Adventure Series: Outsider -- Matt wants desperately to belong. He’s a new boy in a British school and he’s from the United States. The trouble is, one person in particular is equally determined to stop Matt from joining this circle of friends. To make matters worse, Matt and Amy stumble across a cantankerous old man who so much needs their help but rewards them only with insults and ingratitude. As Matt tries to win a place as an insider, his skill on the soccer team, his personal loyalties, his self-belief and ultimately his faith are all placed in a pressure cooker—then someone turns up the heat. It’s a program that gives young people hope and encouragement to deal with their trying times.

This newest episode from the youth adventure series will teach young teens valuable lessons about friendship, loyalty, forgiveness, and faith.

Recommended for ages 8-13.

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