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Essential Bible Truth Treasury Set And Leatherette Manual - Set Of Ten

Set includes the entire set of Essential Bible Truth Treasury plus the Leatherette Manual.

  • Item 98515D
  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 16 hrs 15 min
Retail: $219.89
Price: $49.99
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  • Bronze Crown Award - Best Series & Curriculum

    Crown Awards 2002


Essential Bible Truth Treasury: Part 1 -- The Bible: Its Main Sections - Kully Dhadda / Its Inspiration - Joni Eareckson Tada / Its Interpretation - Ivan Fawzi / Its Application - Joni Eareckson Tada / Its Central Theme - Anne Graham Lotz / Its Contents - Ivan Fawzi

Essential Bible Truth Treasury: Part 2 -- God: The Creator - Gottfreid Osei-Mensah / God's Being - Tom Parsons / God's Character - Kully Dhadda / The Fatherhood of God - Michele Guinness / God's Revelation - Gottfreid Osei-Mensah / The Trinity - Ivan Fawzi

Essential Bible Truth Treasury: Part 3 -- Jesus Christ: His Incarnation - Michele Guinness / Main Events in the Gospels - Kully Dhadda / Main Aspects of His Ministry - Michele Guinness / His Names - Gottfreid Osei-Mensah / His Atoning Death - Ivan Fawzi / His Triumphant Resurrection - Anne Graham Lotz

Essential Bible Truth Treasury: Part 4 -- The Holy Spirit: His Person - Gottfreid Osei-Mensah / His Names and Descriptions - Don Carson / His Work - Ivan Fawzi / His Activity in the Christian - Joni Eareckson Tada / His Fruit - Joni Eareckson Tada / His Gifts - Don Carson

Essential Bible Truth Treasury: Part 5 -- Humanity: Our Uniqueness - Tom Parsons / Our Diversity - Kully Dhadda / Our Rebellion and Fall - Marion Byrne / Our Rebellion and Condemnation - Anne Graham Lotz / Our Quest and Dilemma - Tom Parsons / Our Enemies - Don Carson

Essential Bible Treaury: Part 6 -- God's Messengers: Angels - Gottfreid Osei-Mensah / Patriarchs - Tom Parsons / Priests - Tom Parsons / Prophets - Anne Graham Lotz / Apostles - Kully Dhadda / Evangelists - Rico Tice

Essential Bible Treasury: Part 7 -- Salvation: God's Plan for Humanity - Anne Graham Lotz / Humanity's Need for Salvation - Kully Dhadda / The Way of Salvation - Don Carson / Acceptance - Marion Byrne / Sanctification - Michele Guinness / In the Letter to the Romans - Tom Parsons

Essential Bible Treasury: Part 8 -- The Christian: The Christian Described - Cliff Richard / The Christian and the Bible - Ivan Fawzi / The Christian and Prayer - Cliff Richard / The Christian and Witness - Cliff Richard / The Christian and the World - Cliff Richard / The Christian Life - Cliff Richard

Essential Bible Treasury: Part 9 -- The Church: Its Characteristics - Michele Guinness / Its Main Description - Anne Graham Lotz / Its Relationship to Christ - Michele Guinness / Its Authority and Mission - Don Carson / Its Ordinances - Tom Parsons / Its Ministry and Order - Don Carson

Essential Bible Treasury: Part 10 -- The Last Things: The Hope of the Christian - Joni Eareckson Tada / The Prelude to Christ's Return - Tom Parsons / The Return of Christ - Gottfreid Osei-Mensah / The Judgment - Marion Byrne / The Resurrection - Marion Byrne / The New Order - Ivan Fawzi

Scripture quotations taken from NIV version unless otherwise noted.

Leatherette Manual -- The 256-page leatherette-bound companion book is a magnificent resource to provide each participant for the video series. This book will become a life-long reference treasure as it covers not only the main Bible themes but has room to insert personal notes, questions, and reflections. The book covers the same 60 topics as the video series and provides for in-depth study and exploration at each person’s own pace. Included are over 700 key Bible passages and references. Each study is introduced with a "Key Truth," which gives the concise emphasis of the study. After the study material, there is a "Postscript," which draws the reader's attention to an important piece of teaching. To stimulate further thought, four questions follow, which relate to the study.

Editorial Reviews

Here's a basic video Bible study course on how to better understand the Bible. It asks questions and give simple answers.

Customer Reviews

I enthusiastically endorse this series and urge you to use it and share it with others. The Essential Bible Truth Treasury provides a much needed comprehensive overview of Scripture.
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