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When Mourning Breaks - .MP4 Digital Download

When Mourning Breaks explores the impact of pregnancy loss on emotions, relationships, marriage and faith. This program encourages compassion and offers hope for those who have experienced either a miscarriage or an elective abortion.

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  • Region: All
  • Media Type: Digital Video
  • Running Time: 58 mins.

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While there are great differences between miscarriages and elective abortions, the emotional trauma that follows in each case is often very similar. How can the church bring hope and healing to individuals who are experiencing such trauma while continuing to affirm the sanctity of every human life? When Mourning Breaks illustrates practical ways to love and support those who are hurting from a pregnancy loss.

Couples and single adults, physicians, chaplains, and counselors talk about the impact of miscarriage and elective abortion on emotions, relationships, marriage, and faith. By sensitively presenting the stories of grieving women and men,
When Mourning Breaks encourages compassion and offers hope.

Editorial Reviews

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Customer Reviews

- Touching and Real!

I have not experienced a miscarriage or an abortion so I really didn't understand what people go thru when they have these experiences. This movie showed me what those experiences are like both for the woman and the man and the depth of the pain that they go thru. It also gave very practical ideas on how to support others who are going thru this; what to do, what not to do. It was so amazingly touching and real and I loved the dramatized portions - really brought the stories to life. I feel this is an extremely important movie to see for all of us, whether we've gone thru these experiences ourselves or not.

- Amazing!

Absolutely amazing! A much see for those who have experienced some type of loss of a child, elective or not! Would recommend to view at a youth group, support group, church group!

- Helped Me Understand the Issue.

If you meet someone who has had a miscarriage or abortion they will not likely tell you about it. I had no idea how common loss from miscarriage or abortion is before watching Aborted Sun. This film explores the thoughts and feelings of some who have gone through the loss of elective and spontaneous abortions. I have never gone through the pain of such an experience but at least now I understand a little more those who have.
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