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Genesis With Max McLean - .MP4 Digital Download

With remarkable energy and a gift for storytelling, Max McLean captures Genesis' dramatic sweep from Eden to Babel, from the immense flood of Noah to Abraham and Isaac, from the epic destruction of Sodom to Jacob's wrestling match with the Angel of God.

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  • Region: All
  • Media Type: Digital Video
  • Running Time: 1 hr 55 min

Alternate formats: DVD - $9.99

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Genesis is the story of stories, an eloquent telling of the first book of the Bible, a theatrical tour de force.

With remarkable energy and a gift for storytelling that can prickle the back of your neck, McLean captures the humor and pathos in Genesis' dramatic sweep from Eden to Babel, from the immense flood of Noah to Abraham's heart-cleaving sacrifice of his son Isaac, from the epic destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah to Jacob's soul-wounding wrestling match with the Angel of God.

Passionate, fallible men and women spring to life in a story that has inspired children and baffled scholars. You've never known Genesis like this.

Editorial Reviews

This is an excellent live dramatization of the first book of the Bible - Genesis. Max McLean's talent for storytelling shines forth in this video! He makes each verse and character come alive with only his talent and a stage backdrop. McLean remains true to the scripture and draws the audience into the emotion and excitement of the story of creation and man's banishment from the garden. I highly recommend this video drama and applaud McLean's talent for bringing scripture to life in a personal and believable manner. This video is appropriate for congregational and academic libraries and would be a top choice for small group bible study as well as a benefit for anyone seeking to understand the book of Genesis on a deeper level. McLean makes clear the teachings of Genesis in a humorous and entertaining manner. - Reviewed by Sharon Hinton RN, BSN, LP, Librarian, First United Methodist Church, Floydada, TX

The Word of God is powerful, and this video is a demonstration of that truth. With a great memory and enthusiasm about God's Book, McLean narrates the book of Genesis in a way that makes it come alive. He does not offer commentary, nor does he provide explanations. He simply tells the wonderful stories we love and enjoy. On a plain state and with few special effects of light, McLean quotes extensively from the NIV. His gestures, vocal reflections, and facial expressions help to re-create the characters and events of Genesis in all their color and impact. I recommend this video for all who love the first book for the Bible and who appreciate creativity in presenting God's Word.

Watching a lone man on a simple stage quote Genesis might sound less than compelling. Max McLean makes it riveting. Familiar stories come to life through his arresting voice, nuanced expression, and ability to subtly "turn into" Adam, Sarah, and others. I watched, entranced, with my Bible open, as McLean wove a verbal tapestry. Max McLean had a highly successful stage career before he began to dramatize scripture. "There is a level of insight and understanding that emerges when you hear the Bible that is often missed when you read it," he says. Do make this excellent video available for individuals or groups!

Live from Truman College in Chicago, actor Max McLean enacts the full text of Genesis, as presented in the New International Version Bible. Simply clad in order to blend with the scenery, McLean moves over a series of craggy platforms, as elemental as the text itself, while varied camera angels, dramatic lighting, and sound effects create the illusion of action, as we are transported back to the beginning of time with the story of creation. The first act starts, appropriately, "in the beginning," establishing God's covenant with humankind, and concluding with the story of Abraham and Isaac. The second act takes up with Isaac and Rebecca and closes with Jacob's return to the land of Abraham and Isaac. Max McLean has a commanding presence and an authoritative voice the like of which hasn't been heard since Charlton Heston's Moses. For the causal viewer, this is a wonderful opportunity to experience the continuity of this sometimes daunting first book of the Old Testament, while for the biblically literate, it provide a dramatic enhancement to private reading. Definitely recommended.

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