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Gift Of Hope: Tony Melendez Story - .MP4 Digital Download

Although he has no arms, his spirit soars. Tony Melendez may have been born without arms, but that hasn't stopped him from enjoying life and playing guitar. Tony is known around the world for playing the guitar with his feet.

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  • Media Type: Digital Video
  • Running Time: 45 min

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Although he has no arms, his spirit soars, inspiring others with his music and his courage.

Tony Meléndez may have been born without arms, but that hasn't stopped him from enjoying life to the fullest. Tony was born with this birth defect in 1962 as a result of his mother's taking the prescription drug, Thalidomide.

Today he is known around the world for playing the guitar with his feet. He was thrown into the limelight when he performed before Pope John Paul II in Los Angeles in 1987. Visibly moved by Tony's performance, the Pope rushed into the audience to embrace him.

In this program we meet Tony and see him perform in many locations. After hearing his inspiring story, you'll understand why he has appeared on numerous television shows including "Good Morning America," "The Today Show," "The 700 Club," and many more. He has also received several awards including the Inspirational Hero Award from the NFL Alumni Association at Superbowl XXIII in Miami and the Branson Entertainment Award for the Best New Artist in 1999.

Tony is a powerful speaker and is frequently invited to give presentations to young people on drug abuse, the importance of self-esteem, disability awareness, cultural awareness and family support.

Tony's inspiring story will challenge viewers to embrace life and give hope to those in need. This VOD includes new footage showing Tony's life and ministry today.

Editorial Reviews

Tony is an excellent singer and a talented guitar player. This is remarkable since he was born without arms because his mother took Thalidomide. His 1987 performance before the Pope moved John Paul II to praise and embrace Tony. Since then, he has performed throughout the world and on numerous TV programs. His frequent performances, shown here, are inspirational, and encourage viewers to accept themselves, have goals and work to attain them. As Tony and several family members tell his story, scenes shot over a 10-year period show him with friends and family. Subtitles appear on-screen when Tony occasionally speaks in his native Spanish. His wife and two young children also appear on-camara. Tony's achievement and attitude are remarkable and inspiring. Although there is a spiritual aspect to his talks, which makes the program well suited to religious programs, the video also stresses his personal striving and self-acceptance which makes it applicable to all audiences.

Born in 1962, Tony Melendez was a Thalidomide baby. His mother took the prescription drug, resulting in a birth defect for her son; he was born without arms. Tony, a musician who sings and plays guitar with his feet, tells his story in between outtakes of songs from his concerts. Viewers meet his mother, siblings, wife and child and follow along with him from childhood to the present. Tony's story is touching and courageous. His inspirational words, humor, and music provide hope. Anyone who has ever felt he or she has nothing to offer in life or who has struggled with self-esteem will benefit from watching this video. It will appeal to people of Protestant or Catholic background and teens and adults.

This inspiring story tells how Melendez has touched millions with his music. However, it's not just about the beautiful guitar music he plays, but how he plays it. He was born without arms in 1962. This disability would have ruled out guitar playing for just about anyone, but for Melendez, it became a gift from God.

Melendez handles his guitar with beautiful results. His voice and guitar playing even moved Pope John Paul II, who, after hearing Melendez play in 1987, came down from his platform to embrace and kiss him. The Gift of Hope tells of Melendez's life and family - from his youth, where his parents taught him to be independent, to his mission to inspire people through his strength.

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