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Behold The Man - .MP4 Digital Download

Here’s a study that’s ideal for Christians who want historical proof of Jesus’ existence to go along with their faith or to share with skeptics. Noted biblical scholars examine literature, history, and archeology to show that evidence for the existence of Jesus is stronger than for any other ancient historical person.

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  • Running Time: 43 Mins
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A journey into history seeking the real Jesus

"If you're open to evidence at all, the evidence for the existence of Jesus... is stronger than for any other ancient historical person. Much stronger, for instance, than for Julius Caesar. And you don't change the whole era of human history over a mythical figure. It happened over a historical person."
- Michael Green, internationally renowned theologian from England

In this illuminating on-location documentary, key questions related to the life and meaning of Jesus are addressed head on. Included are the important issues of:

Did Jesus really exist?
Was He just a human being or more than this?
Did He really rise from the dead?

In this exploration, Michael Green is joined by the American scholar Steven Notley, who is based in Israel, and Dutch scholar and author Jacob van Bruggen. They guide us through the evidence from history, literature, and archeology to examine the case for Jesus Christ and his claims. In the process, they show that the extraordinary claims made by and about Jesus warrant serious consideration today.

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