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Cabin 6 - .MP4 Digital Download

A story of love rekindled when marriage turned sour.

  • Item 501261V
  • Region: All
  • Media Type: Digital Video
  • Running Time: 25 min
Retail: $14.99
Price: $4.99


Inspired by a true story.

Dan and Barbra Williams (Jim Burns and Perry Smith) head out of town for a weekend in the woods, an anniversary gift from their daughter. They've been married for years, but the flame has gone out of their marriage. Instead, lie bitter feelings of animosity and plans for divorce, hidden from everyone but themselves.

When rain forces them both inside, their attention turns to an old journal filled with the memories of previous visitors. These entries take Dan and Barbra on a journey of the heart. From the blissful passion of a newlywed couple to the wounded heart of an elderly man, Dan and Barbra find that the love they lost needs only to be rekindled. Recommended for married couples, not for family viewing.

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Customer Reviews

- This movie was Fantastic!

I would highly suggest this movie to anyone in a relationship! It gets to the heart and brings tears to the eyes. If you thought your love might be growing slim for that special someone, take an evening and watch this together. I promise the results are amazing!

- cabin 6

- Cabin 6

When you allow outside influences in your life you do not realize without them how your life could change.Watch this movie and learn how to communicate better and learn what you have been missing...
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