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Servant of Christ - Robert Jermain Thomas & Korean Revivals - .MP4 Digital Download

Robert Jermain Thomas left the shores of Britain to minister God's Word in China and Korea. His martyrdom would be the seed that would grow into the Korean revivals in 1903 and 1907.

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  • Running Time: 27 Min

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As of 2010 there are an estimated 12 million Christians in Korea. Over 100 years ago a seed was planted there that continues to grow today.

In 1866 Welsh missionary to China, Robert Jermain Thomas, sailed up the Taedong River near Pyongyang, dressed in traditional Korean garb and carrying Bibles. The ship Thomas sailed upon, an American vessel, was attacked and the crew was killed. When Thomas came ashore he carried a white flag and a number of Bibles. When a Korean combatant approached him, Thomas reached out to hand the man a Bible just before the soldier brought a sword down upon his neck.

Twenty-four years later. Samuel Moffett, the first full-time missionary to Korea, met many of the people who had contact with Thomas, including the children of his executioner. Several of these Koreans became leaders in the budding Korean Christian movement and witnessed mighty revivals that led to the flourishing of the Gospel in that nation.

Servant of Christ is an enthralling documentary tracing the historical roots of Christianity on the Korean Peninsula.

Editorial Reviews

This film traces the journey of Welshman Robert Jermain Thomas as he served on the mission field in China and Korea. In 1866 a Korean could be put to death for having a copy of the Bible. Yet even with this risk, the Bibles that Thomas brought to Korea were received by many. The few Christians in Korea at the time were mostly Catholic converts but others who had not yet converted to Christianity also received these Bibles from Thomas. When the American vessel in which Thomas sailed in Korea was attacked, Thomas saved as many Bibles as he could. Then as he faced the man who became his executioner, he too handed him a copy of the Bible. The story of Thomas' courage and Christian conviction is inspiring. This film could provide the foundation for a good discussion on the power of the Holy Spirit to bring about great change through seemingly small actions of faith.

Gary Wilkinson is an independent Christian television producer and one who has been hard at work creating quite a list of excellent little church history documentaries. I recently received several of these DVDs and have very much enjoyed them, and perhaps especially the ones that deal with characters who are not quite so well known. I believe he currently has 5 DVDs for sale through Vision Video. I have watched and enjoyed the following:

John Newton - This documentary explores Newton’s life from his turbulent youth to his involvement in the 18th century African slave trade, his dramatic conversion aboard a sinking ship and on through his remarkable ministry as an evangelistic preacher, hymn writer and abolitionist.

Robert Jermain Thomas - A young Welsh missionary name Robert Jermain Thomas left the shores of Britain to minister God’s Word in China and Korea. His martyrdom would be the seed that would grow and contribute to the Korean revivals in 1903 and 1907. Be encouraged by his testimony and the growth of Christianity in Korea.

The Welsh Revivals - The revivals of 1859 and 1904 in Wales stand as powerful examples, marked by a commitment to prayer, bold preaching for repentance within the church, and a community-wide spiritual awakening. During this time, churches were packed, crime rates and other social ills decreased dramatically, and nominalism and dead orthodoxy were replaced by passionate love for Jesus. This documentary traces the origins of the revival, introduces us to its leaders, and follows its lasting impact upon the world.

Patrick - Learn about Patrick’s extraordinary life in this docu-drama, featuring enlightening interviews with noted scholars and captivating reenactments of Patrick’s life.

The other one is Outpouring of the Holy Spirit - A small group of believers earnestly prayed for Revival in England at the beginning of the twentieth century. Little did they know how God would answer that prayer - an answer that would impact the church worldwide. This revival would lead to the birth of Pentecostalism in Britain and awaken people to a new relationship with God.

I always find it difficult to spend $11 or $12 or $15 on a DVD that is just 30 minutes or an hour long. I think DVDs like this are just waiting for a download distribution model that can negate the physical costs and the shipping costs. In the meantime, though, these films are perfect for buying, watching and then either passing around or donating to your church library. Each one contains a powerful testimony of what the Lord has done through a life or at a particular time in history. I’m grateful for Wilkinson’s labor of love and am glad to recommend these documentaries.

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