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Jock Troup and the Fisherman's Revival - .MP4 Digital Download

This documentary tells the story of of barrel maker Jock Troup, who was known as the "Revival Man" and details the remarkable events surrounding the so-called fishermen's revival of 1921.

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  • Media Type: Digital Video
  • Running Time: 48 min
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This documentary tells the story of cooper (barrel maker) Jock Troup, whose passion for evangelism would greatly contribute to the 1921 Fishermen’s Revival which swept through the fishing ports of England and Scotland.

Known as the “Revival Man,” Jock Troup was a working-class Scott who experienced a dramatic conversion and calling as a young man. Troup was on fire with the power of Christ and in a time of great economic hardship, he dedicated himself to reaching the lost in the towns and villages dotting the coast of northern Great Britain. In this documentary, noted Bible scholars, authors and eyewitnesses give their insight into Jock's life and detail the remarkable events that led to scores of men coming to Christ.

Editorial Reviews

Jock Troup & the Fisherman's Revival is a vivid DVD documentary about a passionate man who preached to the poor and struggling in the economically lagging fishing ports of Scotland and England, during the roaring '20s. Originally a small-town cooper (barrel maker) from a tiny village in northern Scotland, Jock Troup carried a strong physical and personal presence, and his force of character was instrumental in sparking a Christian movement so fervent that it was dubbed the "Fisherman's Revival". Jock Troup & the Fisherman's Revival offers interviews with Bible scholars, historians, and even eyewitnesses to reveal the extraordinary true story of the spiritual transformations worked by a charismatic, passionate, and faithful leader. Jock Troup & the Fisherman's Revival offers invaluable insight about revitalizing and reviving the Church; the story of Troup's life and work holds crucial lessons for today's religious leaders.

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