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In Context

The Stories Behind 70 Memorable Sayings in Church History

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  • Media Type: Book
  • Running Time: 160 pages
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Have you ever heard someone choose the "lesser of two evils" when making a particularly tough decision? The origin of this common saying might surprise you as being from Christian writer Thomas a Kempis in the early 15th century. Kempis was encouraging believers to endure whatever trials may come their way in the name of faith, for the alternative would be eternal separation from God--an evil to be avoided at all costs!

In Context by Ken Curtis and Dan Graves uses winsome storytelling to illuminate the circumstances surrounding 70 memorable and inspirational sayings such as "Here I stand, I can do no other" and "The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know."

From Mary, the mother of Jesus, to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the authors comb the centuries to provide well-researched, thoughtful accounts of faith-inspired sayings related to

-famous last words,
-historic utterances,
-favorite lines from hymns,
-lasting creeds,
-bold declarations of faith, and
-comforting words.

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Customer Reviews

- Excellent book!

I can't stop reading this book! It's a new and interesting way to read about characters in church history. The stories are short and well-written which makes it fun to read. For people who want to learn more about the minds and stories that influenced our faith this is an awesome tool. Typical church sayings are given depth and meaning when we get to know the people who said them. I want to share it with others!

- Many thanks

I want to thank you for the numerous blessings the Spirit has conveyed to me through you. I just finished the In Context book; what a blessing! I've already used several quotes for Sunday school. We do indeed have much to learn from being blessed to live with 2000 years of church history behind us. Thank you for all your work bringing it to us. Many blessings as your work continues.
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