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Christian History Magazine #129 - Recovery From Modern Amnesia

Meet the Christian leaders of the late twentieth century who sought to recover from “modern amnesia” by rediscovering the ancient Christian faith. Renew your acquaintance with the early church’s devotional practices, doctrinal commitments, and ways of worship and see how the movements of the past led to spiritual renewal today in this issue of Christian History.

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Is the Christian church suffering from “modern amnesia,” so entangled with modern biases that she has compromised her core identity? Whether through the evangelical tendency to throw out spiritual disciplines to the mainline Protestant departure from Christianity’s supernatural origins, modernity has seeped into our faith traditions more than we might think. When some Christian leaders of the late twentieth century identified these problems in their own places of worship, they turned to the early church for answers. And through her doctrinal commitments, devotional practices, and ways of worship, these believers’ lives were transformed.

Meet the thinkers of the postmodern era who sought to recover the ancient Christian faith and discover how movement toward the past led to spiritual renewal for the church today.

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