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Christian History Magazine Science and Faith Bundle - Set of 3

This set includes three issues of Christian History magazine — #107: Debating Darwin, #134: Science and Faith, and #135: Plagues and Epidemics.

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#107: Debating Darwin — Issue #107 of the Christian History magazine examines the responses of 19th century Christians to the challenge of Darwinian evolution. Read about the reactions of theologians, scientists, pastors, authors, bishops, and politicians as they grapple with the questions of Darwinism in many and diverse ways—ranging from hostility to reconciliation—and learn how Darwinism eventually became a symbol of warfare between science and Christianity.

#134: Science and Faith —
Is there really discord between scientific exploration and faith? Church history tells a different story, starting with the Christian appreciation of God’s creation and his image-bearing gift of human reason to understand it. In this issue of Christian History, meet the thinkers who, from the early days of Christianity right down to this century, have seen their study of science as reflecting their deeply rooted faith. They weren’t scientists in spite of being Christians; they were scientists because they were Christians first. Discover along with them how faith is enriched by an increasing understanding of the scientific world in issue #134. 

#135: Plagues and Epidemics —
From the Plague of Cyprian to the Black Death, from cholera to yellow fever, from smallpox to the 1918-19 flu pandemic, the world has seen pandemic before—and the church has responded. Discover how early Christians served their own sick and those of the pagan Roman Empire; medieval believers sought deliverance from the Black Death; Reformation-era leaders debated whether people should flee from plague; and modern pastors collaborated with scientific research. What is happening today is not new from a historical perspective, and God is still on the throne. Learn more in this special bonus issue of Christian History.

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