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Signed, Sealed, Delivered - 4 Pack (Movies 9-12)

This set includes four movies: "Home Again," "The Road Less Traveled," "To the Altar," and "The Vows We Have Made."

  • Item 16678D
  • Region: US and Canada
  • Media Type: DVD
Retail: $29.99
Price: $29.99
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Home Again — When the Postables discover an antique vase with a letter inside, they trace the package to three little girls who attempted to sell the vase 18 years ago in order to save their family farm. While the vase was an heirloom from many generations ago, the origin is suspicious. With the farm again facing financial hardship, the Postables must choose between doing what's legal and what's moral.

The Road Less Traveled — The Postables take a road trip in an old Winnebago in order to track down a small boy who they fear may have been kidnapped. The discovery of a 1980's era instant camera and the unusual photographs it contains, sends our team on a wild ride across Colorado using the pictures as a guide.

To the Altar — When plans for Rita and Norman’s long-awaited wedding begins falling apart days before their nuptials, their challenges inspire changes that make their wedding more meaningful. Meanwhile, Shane convinces Oliver that the team should urgently focus on finding clues to deliver a package containing a wedding dress.

The Vows We Have Made — As Shane and Oliver prepare to wed, the team helps an unwell boy reunite with a lost friend. A new employee may deliver the answer for Rita and Norman to start a family.

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