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Dateline Jerusalem

Here is the Lenten and Easter story as you have never experienced it. You'll feel like you are back in Jerusalem during Holy Week, the most momentous week in the history of the world, and the setting for this "special news report."

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  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 2 hrs

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  • Silver Award - Information/Cultural Programming - Part One

    Worldfest - Houston 2001

  • Crown Award for Best Curriculum - Part One

    ICVM Crown Awards 2001


Here is the Easter story as you have never experienced it. You'll feel like you are back in Jerusalem during Holy Week, the most momentous week in the history of the world, and the setting for this "special news report." With anchor Martyn Lewis and special on-the-scene correspondents, these news bulletins and reports cover the story of Holy Week in an enlightening presentation that provides greater understanding of the circumstances leading up to and surrounding Christ's crucifixion. Eight 15-minute segments.

1) The "Awkward Squad"
2) Rebel Rabbi Accused
3) Dissident Rabbi Challenged
4) Exclusive Evidence of Blasphemy
5) Governor Pilate Arrives
6) Dissident Rabbi Executed
7) Uneasy Calm in Jerusalem
8) Jesus Movement Reports Sightings

Programs 1-4 begin with the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and examine the events and intrigues that follow: the dramatic challenge of the moneychangers, the trick question of paying taxes to Caesar, and the "evidence" of blasphemy and treason when Jesus claims to be the Messiah. All are explained in fascinating detail as the narrative unfolds.

Programs 5-8 cover Jesus' arrest, crucifixion and resurrection. The politics and intrigue of first-century Palestine provide the backdrop for the betrayal and execution of a man who has changed the course of history. How will this turbulent Rabbi be remembered? And what is one to make of the reports that he has come back from the dead?

In this innovative series, using all the techniques of modern news gathering, combined with the treasures of historical research, the story of that first Holy Week comes alive again -- putting the stories of faith in the realm of a real world.

Includes leader's Guide in PDF format.

DVD Features:
Languages: English
Subtitles: None
Viewing Format: Fullscreen
Chapter Selections
Bonus Material:
- Reflective Questions

Editorial Reviews

This series of eight 15-minute films is from the same people who brought us the Live broadcasts from Bethlehem, reviewed here recently. Anchor man Martyn Lewis is back, reporting from Jerusalem Central on the many events surrounding the entrance of the Galilean prophet Jesus of Nazareth into Jerusalem. Various reports and experts provide background information and on the spot interviews with witnesses who report on the activities of the controversial prophet. We never really get to see Jesus, but we gain an interesting perspective on him from the standpoint of the secular world through this series. Each episode is brief enough so that it could be used at a series of Lenten family nights, as well as on Good Friday and Easter (there are eight episodes, remember.) A good resource for those wanting a different approach to a very familiar topic, Holy Week.

We have been using "Dateline Jerusalem" for an adult "Lenten Enlightenment Series" for three weeks now at the church I serve. It has been received better than any other study we have ever conducted! People like the format -- saying that we're so accustomed to a news type format that this is very easy to understand and relate to. People who have been to the Holy Land appreciate that the places spoken about and shown in the video are the ACTUAL places they have seen; and people who haven't been to the Holy Land appreciate seeing the real thing on the screen. We've attracted -- and retained -- more men for this study than any other we have done. I'm speculating a bit here, but I believe it's partly because of the video's emphasis on the political climate of the times. They seem to understand and appreciate the politics involved, and they seem able to relate to it.

I'm a Christian video skeptic, but this one pleasantly surprised me. This covers the events from Palm Sunday to Easter using a modern news broadcast in eight, 15-minute episodes. Featuring live on-the-scene reporting and studio guests, modern Jerusalem relives the events of the passion week, including Jesus' entry into the city, his arrest, and his resurrection. Although geared more for Christian adult audiences, students would enjoy two or three episodes.

The trial, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus as TV news would cover it today. You'll feel like you are back in Jerusalem, Bethany, and the Galilee countryside, for the most momentous week in the history of the world and the setting for this "special news report." The most astounding aspect of this news cast is the story, events and participants all took place 2000 years ago, but all the video is modern day Israel and a modern day news broadcast room. The film editor for this must have been a genius or looked at thousands of hours of newsreel film to match modern day parallels to the words, actions and events of two millennia ago. This is an excellent video for any Bible study group or Lenten series.

Customer Reviews

- Dateline Jerusalem

We're playing this during Lent for a Sunday School curriculum and we find it riveting as well as thought-provoking. Using a contemporary newscast format really brings home the political climate, not only of Jesus' day but modern day Jerusalem as well. Very professionally done.

- Dateline Jerusalem

I watched on TBN tonight...WOW!!!!!! This was absolutely the most creative and soul searching presentation of Christ's passion week ever. You have made the question of our need of a Savior so real and undeniable...our rejection of His gift so devastating. We are NOTHING without Jesus yet we have everything because of Him. I'm so very thankful for my Lord and Savior. He loves us all with an everlasting love that can never be shaken. Thank you for making the Reality of His sacrifice so understandable and important.

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