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The Azusa Street Project

When the power of God hit Los Angeles...The Azusa Street Revival of 1906. One hundred years ago a movement like none other since shook the very foundations of the American church. People reported speaking in tongues, new denominations were formed, and the Charismatic Movement was born. This documentary looks, in depth, at the inception of this movement and the mystery and controversy surrounding some of its beliefs.

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  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 54 min

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In 1906, William J. Seymour, a one-eyed black pastor from Louisiana, son of a slave, journeyed by train from Houston to Los Angeles, only to be locked out of the church that sent for him.

He turned to prayer and God's answer was The Azusa Street Revival. It shook the foundations of the church, spawned numerous denominations and changed the lives of six million people forever.

The Azusa Street Project investigates the mystery and controversy behind:

• Salvation
• Sanctification
• Baptism with the Holy Spirit
• Speaking in Tongues

Including interviews with:
• Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.
• Dr. Jack W. Hayford
• Dr. Marilyn Hickey
• Dr. Stanley Horton
• Bishop Noel Jones
• Dr. Larry Martin
• Joyce Meyer
• Dr. Betty R. Price
• Dr. Frederick K. C. Price
• Dr. Jim Reeve
• Dr. Cecil M. Robeck, Jr.
• Dr. Vinson Synan
• Rev. Thomas Trask
• Rev. William M. Wilson

In color and B&W.

DVD Special Features:
• Scene selection
• Director's comments
• Tour of Bonnie Brae house
• Soundtrack
• Art Gallery
• Missionaries

Editorial Reviews

Director Clay Banks states, “Shooting a documentary on a move of the Holy Spirit is like trying to harness the wind.” Nevertheless, using photos, sketches, and vintage film clips, Banks has created a documentary recording the growth of the Pentecostal movement in Los Angeles. The project follows William Seymour, the one-eyed son of a slave, from his roots in Louisiana to his sprit-filled life in Los Angeles. Seymour grew in faith and preached the message of salvation beginning on Bonnie Brae Street, eventually moving his mission to Azusa Street. He has been called the Martin Luther, John Wesley, and John Calvin of the Pentecostal movement. Interviews with present-day Pentecostals such as Joyce Meyer, Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr., and Jim Reeve bring this history up to date. Added features include director’s comments, a tour of Bonnie Brae House, and an art gallery of fantastic sketches. This documentary places the movement in historical context, allowing viewers to visually travel back to the era.

Is this video promotional propaganda? Yes, it is a biased centennial celebration of the birth of the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement in Southern California. But if one's image of Pentecostalism is a sequined evangelist screaming into a microphone while strutting on the stage under the spotlights, this DVD is a help corrective....The video documents the social and religious setting that characterized America at the beginning of the twentieth century. It mixes old photos, film clips, artistic sketches and contemporary interviews. The film is a creative recital of the historical events and helpful explanations by some of the movements leading contemporary scholars and representatives. Clay Banks, the film's director, offers the disclaimer that shooting a documentary on a move of the Holy Spirit is like trying to harness the wind, "but he has produced a very good study of the origins and essence of Pentecostalism. There is no sequined suits or spotlights. The 54 minute length is less than idea for the average class period, but the presentation has natural segments that would allow the video to be stopped at various points so that discussion could enrich the learning experience. At this modest price, this video is recommended for the collection in any Christian college or university. - Donald Dean Smeeton, Eastern Mennonite University

This documentary focuses on the events that led to the event 1906 Los Angeles known as the Azusa Street Revival. This event is seen as the spark for the Pentecostal movement that remains popular today. William Seymour was the preacher when a number of people in the congregation were baptized in the Spirit and began speaking in tongues. The Holiness tradition, which birthed the communities involved in the Azusa Street Revival, believes in three works of grace. Salvation is the first work of grace, sanctification the second, and baptism of the Holy Spirit the third. The Azusa Street Revival and the movements that grew out of it highlight the importance of the third work of grace through speaking in tongues. Along with exploring William Seymour's journey to Azusa Street, this DVD also reflects upon the backlash and criticism of the movement. This 54-minute documentary could be used as an exploration of different denominations' beliefs and particularly the impact of the Pentecostal movement today.

Customer Reviews

- A must see.

I saw this on TBN one night, it must have been over a year ago. I was hooked. It revealed so much to me that I didn't know about this defining moment in history.

- More than inspiring

The most moving documentary seemed in my life time. The power of Holy Spirit evident in this documentary is a witnessing tool for all non belivers and conservative Christians. I can't wait for the second DVD based on the material that was gathered during this project.

- Azusa Street Revival

I saw the DVD yesterday at Total Deliverance Worship Center. My Pastor William A. Benson wanted the church to experience Azusa and know the history. It was truly a remarkable experience. I had no idea God had moved this way. The presentation will take your breath away at the power of God. I recommend the DVD to every Christian, every church, every person who has not received salvation. God Bless You!

- Probably best documentary

This is probably the best video documentary of any great revival. Some of the things in this video like singing in tounges and miracles one of my legs was shorter than the other and a pastor prayed and my leg grew out about 2 inches instantly 17 yrs. ago . I know that whats in this video is true I have seen some of those same things myself in a local church. Good to inspire churches to seek The power of God in their lives and church.
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