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Time Travel Through The Bible

Take an informative and entertaining trip through the Bible in this two-part production hosted by Jonathan Frakes of "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

  • Item 501072D
  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 1 hr 47 mins

Alternate formats: Digital Video - $2.99

Retail: $14.99
Price: $5.00
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Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek: The Next Generation hosts as the "time traveler," exploring the rich and fascinating background of the Old and New Testaments. "You are there," as he reveals the lives of the "mad" King Herod and the courageous John the Baptist. He shows how the glorious ministry of Jesus Christ is related to the amazing 1947 discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Here is a program especially geared for teens and young adults. A leader's guide in PDF is included on the DVD.

Time Travel brings you back into the world of the Bible and opens up the Scriptures for you in a vivid and unforgettable way. Fullscreen

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