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More Than Dreams

For decades, a phenomenon has been recurring in the Muslim world. Men and women — without any knowledge of the Gospel and without any contact with Christians — have been forever transformed after experiencing dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. Here are five such stories of former Muslims who now know Jesus as their Savior, recreated in docu-drama format. View in their original languages with English, or dubbed in English with optional subtitles.

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  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 3 hrs. 7 mins.
  • Rating: NR

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  • Gold Crown Award - Best International Film

    2008 International Christian Visual Media Awards

  • Gold Crown Award - Best Evangelistic Film

    2008 International Christian Visual Media Awards


For decades, a phenomenon has been recurring in the Muslim world. Men and women, without any knowledge of the Gospel and without any contact with Christians, have been forever transformed after experiencing dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. Here are five stories of former Muslims who now know Jesus as their Savior, recreated in docu-drama format. View dubbed in English or in their original languages with English or Spanish subtitles. Widescreen.

Khalil was a radical Egyptian terrorist who was transformed when Jesus appeared to him and changed his heart. (Arabic, 29 minutes)

Mohammed is a herdsman in Nigeria who found the deep love of Christ. He survived various attempts on his life by his father and eventually led his father to faith in Christ. (Hausa, 46 minutes)

Dini is an Indonesian teenager who became a Christian on a night that Muslims individualize their prayers to Allah. She was immediately filled with peace, even as persecution began. (Indonesian, 42 minutes)

Khosrow is a young Iranian man who was depressed and without hope until he met Jesus. Now joy fills his heart. (Farsi, 30 minutes)

Ali is a Turkish man in bondage to alcohol. While making the pilgrimage to Mecca, hoping to be freed of his addiction and be led in the way of a true Muslim, he found Christ instead. (Turkish, 40 minutes)

Editorial Reviews

More Than Dreams is a 187-minute, full-color, DVD ‘docu-drama’ that tells the story of a genuine phenomena taking place throughout the Muslim communities worldwide. Individual Muslims over the past few decades have been experiencing dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. More Than Dreams presents five such incidents where former Muslims who, because of their personal experience with this phenomena, have embraced Christianity. Each of the five stories includes a segment explaining what it means to follow Christ. The five highlighted stories are told using the native languages with English subtitles and includes Khalil, a radical Egyptian terrorist who was transformed when Jesus appeared to him; Mohammed, a Nigerian herdsman who survived attempts on his life by his father when the young man found Christ – a faith that eventually was to lead his father to a faith in Christ as well; Dini, an Indonesian teenager who became filled with the peace of Christ even in the face of persecution by her fellow Indonesian Muslims; Khosrow, a young Iranian man who was depressed and hopeless until he met Jesus and became filled with joy; and Ali, a Turkish Muslim addicted to alcohol who, while on pilgrimage to Mecca, found Christ as the solution to his addiction. More Than Dreams is a unique and inspiring work that should have as wide an audience as possible within both Christian and Muslim communities.

Here are five dramatized testimonies of Muslim men and women who have trusted Jesus Christ after coming to the truth without any prior knowledge of the gospel or privilege of a gospel witness. These people were desperately seeking, and through dreams and visions, God directed them to the truth found in His Word. Missionaries have told similar stories of people who were in a comparable predicament of having no gospel witness but God led them to someone who could show them the truth. Some Christians might have reservations about God's speaking to the unsaved in such an unusual way of dreams and visions, but the testimonies leave little doubt that these former Muslims are now in the company of the redeemed. One has to view this docu-drama personally to evaluate the testimonies' authenticity; however, the DVD is certainly interesting and very moving.

Customer Reviews

- Amazing tool

I watched the Muslim and Nigerian videos at a staff retreat and they were great! I work for a ministry that raises money for literature to Muslim people and this video will be a great tool for us. It shows that absolutely no one is beyond the reach of Christ. The quality of the video was also first rate. Great job!

- Five who said "YES!"

GREAT! I cannot tell you what this has meant to me. I look forward to meeting each of them one day and telling them how much their lives encouraged my own. Thank you for bringing their stories to my home.

- Phenomenal!

This is a fantastically done video of ordinary, everyday Muslim people around the world, having an encounter with Jesus Christ through dreams. These accounts will change your life and view of the Muslim world forever!

- Oh ye of little faith!

I didn't know that what I thought would be good, clean Christian movie ended up being an evening of tears of joy, renewed hope and an urge of appeal to all my friends, believers and non-believers to spend an evening with these five people. Absolutely wonderful stories of salvation, coming out of true darkness into the glory of Christ Jesus. Each story is a powerful witness to the lost world. Thank you to the producers for making this film, for using this film to convict me to pray for the Muslim people. God loves the world! I must remember that.

- Awesome film!

This is the most incredible DVD I have ever viewed, and I have shared it with many friends and church members, who felt the same way! Anyone who is serious about their faith and in seeing God at work at the grass roots level MUST see this film! Even though it is in the original language of each person featured, and I was reading subtitles, the subject matter is so amazing I was unaware of reading!

- Tremendous Testimonies

God still speaks in this generation to any heart who listens! Watch these powerful testimonies and share them with your friends. Not only will they bless you but they will clearly present the Gospel in 6 different languages. May this seed planting reap a great harvest!

- Fantastic account of His mercy!

This is an incredible video of how the Lord is reaching people that have never even heard of Him. It is a truly wonderful and encouraging message that everyone can enjoy.

- Amazing

Amazing stories. My husband who hates movies with subtitles loved these and our whole family was moved deeply. If you want to be inspired or have your life changed for the better, I highly recommend these.

- On Target

Excellent video both in evangelism content as well as in video quality.

- More than dreams dvd

This is a life changing amazing dvd with heart touching DVD with the revelation of Jesus Christ as the Son of God to the muslim people! A must see for everyone, especially Muslims!!

- More Than Dreams

The most powerful Christian video I have ever seen. You will never feel the same way about Muslims again.

- Very wonderful DVD!!!

Great video, great acting, great everything about this whole DVD! Wow!!!

- Amazing Retelling!!!

I found the DVD an amazing retelling of the stories of these MuslimBackground Believers...Their stories are so down to earth and real and they all come from important center's of Islam so that makes their testimonies very significant if we ever want to reach Muslims in these areas. I really cried in all their accounts because I really saw the Lord Jesus moved through their lives. Their experience of Jesus Christ was so strong that they were able to hold on to their new found faith despite the persecutions and threats. I am also amazed at the quality of the filmmaking itself. It is comparable to big studio and big budget movies and to have such a diverse set of actors join in to bring the docudrama to fruition is such an amazing feat. God bless Vision Video for doing such an undertaking. May you produce more of these videos for the benefit of all those who would one day give their lives to Jesus.

- More Than Dreams

Wonderful. Told masterfully. Takes my breath away to see God at work where Christians are not.

- A Fantastic Testimony of Faith for Believers

This was such a wonderful movie. It renewed and revitalized my faith to see how much these people sacrificed in their lives for their decision to accept Christ and follow Him. I cried at some part of every story. In countries where people are free to choose their religion we take it so much for granted. So many have the opportunity every day to make the choice to follow Christ and yet ignore the call. Those of us who are believers let the opportunity to share the Gospel with others slip past us. In addition to the profound message the movie is outstanding. The acting is well done the filming of the stories and even the character development in such short stories was very well done. I am impressed with the quality of this movie as well as the message and mission. Thank you.

- From Dreams to Reality Five Remarkable Testimonies

Judy I have watched 4 of the 5 testimonies so far.Outstanding work conveying these stories to us. Thanks I pray many from these countries will view and that God will lead them to trust Christ alone as their Messiah!

- All Christians Must See This!

What a wonderful collection of real life stories! I wept through them. Jesus loves ALL people and He uses his own appearances to show people the way. Fabulous.

- More Than Dreams

This documentary was so awesome. Without a doubt The Lord Jesus is so concerned about everyone for he died for everyone. This was so moving to me I cried for each one and I praised God for each one's salvation. Thank You Jesus!!

- More Than Dreams is Inspiring

This movie is exactly what I needed to add to my collection of materials to give away. The stories are well done and the invitation to receive the Lord is of course the perfecting ending to each of the five stories. I live in the Washington DC area and we have people from every nation here. It is a pleasure to order and distribute copies of this excellent DVD to neighbors, missionaries and others who are in contact with people whose native language is represented in this film. Thank you for making this important work! Blessings, Gloria.

- Very real!

My husband and I are missionaries to Muslims. He is a former Muslim himself. We are so grateful to have the DVD as a tool to reach out and to show other Muslims how Jesus reveals Himself to all mankind. We pray that many will continue to have dreams and by the grace of God to accept Jesus as their Savior. It is so inspiring and refreshing! God bless you for the wonderful work you've done!

- God is working

Through the five stories of the DVD, God is working through the life of non-saved Muslims.

- Captivating

This DVD is awesome! The acting and production quality are superior and the stories are captivating. The message of salvation is presented clearly at the end of each story as well. I intend to buy several to give to others who minister to Muslims. It is brilliant idea and a wonderful resource.

- More Than Dreams

This is an EXCELLENT DVD! We saw a friend's copy of it and were impressed that it was in the native languages each of the different cultural groups represented. We would like to share this with others so we decided to buy our own. Rick M.

- Unforgettable

Our friends from home bible study lent us their copy of the 5 stories of Muslims who had Jesus Christ appear to them. The acting and storytelling were so real and filmed in such an high quality that my attention was fully focused on the awesome miracles of His love for those who have never heard His name. Jesus is real and may He richly bless the film makers for their efforts to convey His love for All

- Excellent Evangelism Tool!

My husband and I just finished watching this movie and we were just in Awe of our God Jesus Christ! Great movie well produced written and acted! It's a good 3 hours long so we divided it into two nights. We were very impressed with the whole production and was hoping to find more movies on this subject! I have had a few dreams and I am sure others in America would say the same. It would be awesome to have the producers compile other "legitimate" vision and dreams experiences and produce another movie! Thanks for this one though! It was a pleasure to watch indeed!!!

- The God who knows no barriers!

This is an excellent DVD because of its theme. Actual accounts of people entrenched in Islam coming to Christ through His divine mediation. Because of its production and because it is a great resource to share with Muslim friends as a host from the country depicted concludes each episode with a gospel presentation. Very moving!

- Muslims Meet Jesus in Dreams and Visions

With over a billion Muslims worldwide we may wonder how can they ever be reached with the Gospel. In this DVD we see five Muslims from different parts of the world meeting Jesus in a dream or vision and coming to faith in Christ despite the severe persecution they faced from their own families and friends. This DVD is a mustsee for all Muslims to encourage them to consider the claims of Christ and to receive Him as Lord and Savior. It has a brief talk after each story inviting the viewer to receive Christ. All the stories are in the tellers' native tongues with English subtitles giving it a very authentic tone. I highly recommend this DVD for evangelism to Muslims and for nonMuslims to see the price a Muslim often pays to convert to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

- Sincere and Believable Miracles

This DVD relates the story of Muslims who have miraculous encounters with Jesus through dreams and visions. Their testimonies are sincerely and believably portrayed in this series of dramatized accounts with their own narrations interspersed throughout each docudrama. All are done in a non threatening way and the real benefit is they are in the native language of each person. A wonderful witnessing tool or just a lovely testimony of God's love and grace towards all mankind. At the end of each story a Christian minister/pastor gave a simple altar call to receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour again in their native tongue and in some cases native dress. I can only speak english so I relied on the subtitles which I found easy to follow as they didn't disappear off the screen too quickly. Personally I enjoyed every minute. Beautifully done. Congratulations to all involved. Would love to see more of the same or even other religious or cultural circumstances.

- Jesus is Awesome!

All Muslims definitely need to see this.

- More than a Dream

The video is a great witnessing tools for Muslims. I had some of my congregation members over to my house to view the video they all loved the video. I would highly recommend this video to other pastors to share with their congregations or any Muslim they might know. Do you have more videos about muslims converting over to Christianity? Do you have the videos in Spanish? May God Always Bless your ministry. Pastor Carlos MartinezGreat Commission Church of Christ

- Wahouuu

These movies are amazing! I have a lot of friends who are arabic and i want that God change them! So i will show it to my friends and Jesus will change them all! Keep on speaking God in the Arabic Land! I love my LORD! He is Fantastic. wahouuu!

- powerful DVD

Powerful stories of Jesus leaving the 99 to go find the lost sheep. Stories are well done and it is a good tool to share with Muslim friends.

- More than Dreams

This movie should be seen by every Christian that is trying hard to expose the truth and know the truth about Islam! We must not lose heart and forget to walk in love...We must remember to Yes hate the sin but love the sinner. After learning so much about Islam and the Quaran also seeing countless documentaries and videos of the violence and evil that stands behind this...There is a God that loves them and desires for them to come to Christ Jesus...In this movie you see just that...It reminds us that they are people like us before Christ lost..deceived...hurting...rejected etc...When you see them come to Christ and the joy and conviction that fills each of their hearts you rejoice and want all Muslims to come to the knowledge of Christ and receive Him as Lord and Savior...This dvd packs a punch to the heart and reveals the mission of every believer and the Heart of God for the Lost...Please view and then share with others we can reach them if but just one at a time...God Bless

- More Than Dreams

We loved this even with the subtitles. Every Christian needs to see this movie. Jesus is saving many, many Muslims.

- morethandreams

Totally a five star. True testimony. Great way in sharing your faith to others in need of the love of the Saviour

- Perfect

What a wonderful collection of real life stories! I wept through them. Jesus loves ALL people and He uses his own appearances to show people the way and trust

- Mohammmed

Have just watched the story of 'Mohammed' on Revelation TV A powerful movie! I want to see the rest of them now. This DVD will be a great blessing to many.

- Accurately Expressed!

Accurately expresses the personality of Jesus and these were also my experience in many ways as my own personal encounter with Him. There is truly not enough words to describe how deep and how real His love is which goes far deeper than anyone can imagine.This is no lie!

- One of the BEST video's I've ever seen!

One of the BEST video's I've ever seen!

- we have heard many stories like this

Working with seafarers in Alaska we have heard testimonies just like these with visions voices a hand extended touching a man's face and dreams. The men who have told us these stories used to be Muslims but have come to Christ. Many are from Indonesia and one was from Turkey. I was talking with a young man from Indonesia just last summer and we were talking about dreams and I asked him if he had seen a man in white in his dreams. He looked at me so startled and asked how did you know? For those skeptics out there who don't believe this is happening to Muslims I can testify that it is. these stories are an excellent portrayal of what we have already heard.

- What a blessing!

These films are a tremendous testimony to the truth of Christ! People can argue the text of the Bible or the principles of Christianity but the fact that God's love heals the tragedy of sin is irrefutable.

- More Than Dreams

I have watched More Than Dreams and have shared this with a group of Turkish university students who came to our town of Kodiak Alaska to work in the canneries. I prayed with two who received Christ in 2010 and gave a copy to some others this past year. They like it. I think this is most effective for muslims. I want to recommend this to a man who has contacted me re Why Christ not Islam? through Campus Crusade's Global Media Outreach.

- more than dreams

These stories are so very inspiring. I have watched them many times and shared with family and know if Muslim people saw these they would also be inspired. God bless you with your wonderful work for the Muslim people. Love in Jesus Nancy

- Thanks for these videos

Thanks very much for these videos. I like them!!!! Great job!!! Glory to God!!

- Excellent Movie

I was quite surprised at how sensitively and beautifully this movie was made. Captivating and inspiring. The personal stories joys and tears are in perfect balance. More Than Dreams gives an accurate portrayal of the Jesus I personally know. I find it to be a fit answer to the age old objection many have when confronted with the opportunity to surrender themselves to Him. What about all the people who never heard about Jesus? Well obviously He is big enough and God enough to reveal Himself just fine thank you!

- Awesome!

I have shown this movie to many visitors to my home and all have been fascinated by it. I would love to see more testimonies and more videos made like this.Each episode was beautifully done!

- More than dreams videos


- Amazing

The movies are completely stunning perfectly made and inspiring. I recommend watching them.

- story of Mohammed and Khalil

The story of Mohammed and the story of Khalil are really heart touching and life transforming for all who will view this movie. It made me realise the moment when God too appeared to me and His real presence. Feel so comforted to think that God will complete the work He has begun. Please continue your blessed work.

- Best way of preaching and teaching the gospel

I have never seen something incredible like this. The movies testimonies tells an incredible story of how Jesus Loves us. Continue the good work of God and be blessed

- Powerful!

"I look at the video of the more than dreams. It is really powerful it really strengthens the faith of the reborn christian."

- More than Dreams

Inspiring! I have heard about dreams and visions happening in the middle east. This video brings to life the testimony of five individuals that were converted to Christianity by the appearance of Jesus in either dreams or visions. Beautifully done by bringing the viewer into the culture of the people and the struggles they encountered when searching for the one true God! I have been recommending this video to family and friends!

- Mas que un sueo


- More than Dreams


- Excelente

Acabei de assistir o filme "Muito mais que um sonho" e me senti tocado por DEUS, de como ele opera na vida daqueles que ele tem um propsito. Gostaria de comprar os outros vdeos, com os outros testemunhos de vida.Obrigado e que DEUS continue abenoando esse grande Ministrio de propagao da palavra de DEUS e de seu filho Jesus Cristo.

- Absolutely Awesome!

These incredible true stories of conversions from Islam by the miraculous intervention of God are awe inspiring. When we cannot get into these nations and evangelize, God does the work Himself. It is also a demonstration of God's forgiveness as well, as one was a vicious persecutor of Christians! Beautiful photography, and attention to detail, this is a high quality program in every respect. I hope to see more episodes!

All of the stories were very interesting but above all inspiring and convincing, and Dini's story moved me to tears. I was surprised how relatable the characters were considering the difference in culture compared to mine (e.g. Mohammed from Nigeria). The production value was not bad (about the same or slightly better than a daytime soap, with decent camera movement and multiple cameras, editing, etc.). The foggy effect (for recollected scenes) is a little dated but oh well. The vision scenes were ok, considering the budget constraints. I also liked the welcoming, postiive and respectful attitude of the ministers at the end of each story (none of them said anything bad about Islam). Great for anyone who is genuinely seeking God (Muslim or othewise) or meaning in life, and is open to truth. As a Christian, it was also inspiring to see God's love for all of us.

- More than Dreams

Excellent truths about the Messiah's divine visitations and personal encounters. I am making orders of them. Thank you ISIK ABLA. Without your website I would not have known about it. God bless. Your brother in Christ Jesus. Chris

- More than a dream

It is awesome of the height of God's love for the world to be saved. He is real and loving.


This film was so well done. I was in tears by the end of each testimony. Extremely worth your while! PRAISE JESUS!
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