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Remembering the Dutch Resistance… Stories from Holland of survival and courage during the Nazi tyranny of World War II.

  • Item 501177D
  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 1 hr 36 min

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  • Official Selection

    2007 Moondance Film Festival - Hollywood

  • Official Selection

    2007 New York Film Festival

  • Official Selection

    2007 Waterfront Film Festival

  • 2007 Spring Aurora Awards

  • Special Jury Award

    Won at 2008 Worldfest Houston International Film Festival

  • Silver Crown Award - Best Documentary over $50,000

    2008 International Christian Visual Media Awards


September 1939
War erupted in Europe as Germany invaded Poland. Eight months later, Hitler publicly broadcasted that he would not invade Holland due to their neutrality during World War I. Within hours, this promise became a treacherous lie that engulfed the small country in World War II.

Prejudice and persecution spread. The preservation of human life became a life-and-death mission for a small minority of ordinary Dutch citizens.

The Reckoning: Remembering the Dutch Resistance is the international award-winning documentary that captures the compelling story and eyewitness account of six survivors in war-torn Netherlands during World War II. With the revelation of Hitler's "Final Solution" and the uncertainty of liberation, it reveals the intensely human aspect of the Dutch struggle against Nazi tyranny.

DVD Features:
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Bonus Material:
- Production Commentary
- Creating
The Reckoning
- Character Biographies

Editorial Reviews

The Reckoning is a documentary about six people whose lives took a very different direction because of the German invasion and occupation of Holland in May 1940. Working from 61 hours of interviews, archival footage, narration, music and photographs, six eye witnesses present an engrossing story of courage and faithful witness. Those who were children at the time tell of their parents' need to organize and resist the evil of Hitler's Nazi regime as well as describe the living conditions and constant hunger endured by all. Others, who were young adults at the time, took an active roll in the Dutch resistance knowing they could be killed if discovered. The need to preserve human life and dignity was all compelling amidst Hitler's Final Solution of the Jews and his run to power and destruction. A powerful documentary which everyone, high school to adult, should see. Highly recommended.

Imagine that another country has overthrown the U.S. government and has inflicted strict laws on us. The government hates people who are Chinese, even those who are only partially Chinese. As laws get stricter, the Chinese start disappearing, and it is apparent that the new government is either transporting them to special prison camps or executing them, simply because they are of Chinese descent. As non-Chinese, what would you do? Would you, since it does not directly affect you, pretend there is no problem, or would you join an underground organization to hide Chinese families and help them escape to Canada, which is still a free nation? That was the dilemma faced by the people of the Netherlands after the Nazis overthrew the Dutch government....This documentary, through interviews which six survivors in the Netherlands during World War II gives the synopsis of the occupation and the role that the underground played, Their riveting stories portray the personal aspect of the Dutch struggle against Nazi tyranny. An international award winner, the documentary was very well done and adeptly depicts the struggle against the German occupation. It does show video clops from the era that are very disturbing and the DVD case states that it may not be suitable for young children. I highly recommend this thought-provoking video for any academic library.

Customer Reviews

- Wow!

I saw this documentary with my grandparents. We were speechless when the movie was over. What if it was me? A very moving story. A must see. My grandparents were in tears. inspirational. Would I have done the same thing? It bothers me because I don't think so.

- Outstanding

Very few documentaries have moved me like this one. Exceptional storytelling, stunning cinematography, and a haunting element of introspection makes this a truly powerful film. As a photo journalist, the way the old photographs we're intertwined was beautiful and thought provoking. I strongly recommend it!

- Great Storytelling

What a fantastic approach to a sensitive subject. I have seen many documentaries on WWII but this one has really stuck with me. It's presented with creative detail that lifts the story from a moment in time and makes you ask the question, "What would I have done." Well done and a must see!

- Wow

Usually documentaries are boring. This is not. Very fascinating, captivating and told very well. A great addition to our DVD library.

- great film

It is really powerful reminder that humans are capable of great evil and that Satan's plan to destroy Jewish nation and Israel is not a myth...
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