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Good Guys! Doing Good

This Christian reality show is hosted by Tim Bisagno. In each episode, Tim sets out on a journey across the USA to find men of God serving the Lord in adventurous, exciting, and unique ways.

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  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 120 mins.
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Good Guys! Doing Good is a Christian reality show hosted by Tim Bisagno. During the show Tim sets out on a journey across the USA to find men of God serving the Lord in adventurous, exciting, and unique ways. We call these men Good Guys….Doing Good! Follow Tim as he travels, participates, laughs, cries, honors, and showcases Good Guys doing God’s work! Good Guys! Doing Good is produced by FISM TV Productions. (Five episodes)

Episode 1: The Rock
Good Guy: Buddy Osborn
On the first episode of Good Guys Doing Good, Tim finds himself in Philadelphia PA, famous for its rich US history, Philly cheesesteaks, and boxing legends. Meeting up with Pastor and boxing coach, Buddy Osborn, in a corner of Philly known for its crime rate and drug market, Tim sees firsthand how Buddy and Rock Ministries is reaching Kensington kids with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through boxing, “one family at a time” and “one block at a time” and even gets to throw a few punches in the process!

Episode 2: Old Mill
Good Guy: Josh Crans
Tim heads back north to meet pastor, coach, and rapper, Josh Crans. On the frontline of his community, Josh has committed his life to discipleship with the youth of
Coatesville PA. After getting a deeper look into the history of this steel town, including its poverty and prison rates, Tim gets to spend time with some of the amazing kids who inspire the passion behind Josh and his family’s ministry.

Episode 3: Urban Bicycle
Good Guy: Tommy Clark

Bikes, burritos, and Jesus! Tim returns to his hometown, Nashville TN, to meet up with Tommy Clark, founder of Urban Bike Food Ministry which operates in various
cities, providing burrito meals to the homeless out of the back of bicycles! Ride along with Tim and Tommy and see how this Good Guy’s unique ministry is impacting his community in divine and practical ways.

Episode 4: Canines 4 Christ
Good Guys: Hank Hough and Larry Randolph
Tim travels to the mountains of Appalachia to meet a star labrador team, and their trainer, Hank Hough, who are spreading the Good News to thousands through their captivating K-9 act. Join Tim for this behind-the-scenes look at Kingdom Dog Ministries and then follow along as he travels down to Florida to meet Good Guy, Larry
Randolph, and learn about Canines for Christ. A formerly successful real estate executive, Larry stepped out in faith to start a Christian service dog ministry and now spends his time ministering to cancer patients, children, the elderly, veterans, and many more with the help of his remarkable dogs.

Episode 5: Daredevil
Good Guy: John Morgan
No stranger to danger, John Morgan has been a professional stunt performer for over 40 years. Although John lives and works in NY, he has performed around the world. He has jumped elephants in Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus and is the only stuntman to jump a bicycle over a distance of 14 cars through a burning wall. But he considers his calling to share the Gospel his most exciting and important work. Join Tim as he travels up to Rochester, NY to witness John’s thrilling stunt work and how he is using his talents to shine light on the Good News of Christ.

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