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Greening of Whitney Brown

A spoiled pre-teen from Philadelphia is forced to move to the country where she befriends an amazing horse.

  • Item 82359D
  • Region: US and Canada
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 87 Min
Retail: $14.99
Price: $5.00
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Whitney Brown, a spoiled pre-teen from Philadelphia, is forced to move to the country when her parents feel the squeeze of economic hard times. A fish out of water, far from her comfort zone, she befriends an amazing horse, and undertakes a misguided journey back to her old life, only to discover that her family is her home. Rated PG

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Customer Reviews

- Do not waste your money

I rate this story very low due to the many times of taking God's name in vain which is totally unnecessary for any age and especially inappropriate for teens and preteens to do it. So do not waste your money. I would not have purchased it if I had known.
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