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Hallmark Movies - Set of 8

This set of 8 Hallmark movies includes Dance with the White Dog, The Secret Garden, In My Dreams, The Locket, The Boys Next Door, Have a Little Faith, My Sister's Keeper, and The Water Is Wide.

  • Item 97192D
  • Region: US and Canada
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 820 min.
Retail: $79.92
Price: $14.99
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Dance with the White Dog — This is the touching story of an elderly widower trying to work through his grief. When Sam Peek's beloved wife, Cora, dies, a white dog suddenly materializes as his new companion and confidant. Sam takes the dog on a nostalgic journey which dramatizes the fulfillment he shared with his departed wife. (CC)

The Secret Garden — Mary is a spoiled girl living in India when her parents die and she is sent to live with a family friend in England. She finds it to be a lonely place until she discovers a secret garden that was locked up after a tragic accident. Mary gets help from Dickon a local boy and Colin the heir to the manor to restore the garden. (CC)

In My Dreams — Natalie (Katharine McPhee) and Nick (Mike Vogel) don’t know each other, but they share lots in common. They’re both frustrated in their work lives—Natalie is managing a failing restaurant, and Nick is working as an unappreciated architect for an unpleasant boss. And they’re both frustrated in the romance department—Natalie despairs of finding Mr. Right, while Nick’s meddling mother (JoBeth Williams) is forever trying to set him up with candidate girlfriends. After tossing coins in Hayward Fountain, Nick and Natalie begin dreaming about each other. But here’s the catch. They may be perfect for each other, but according to fountain legend, they only have one week to turn those sweet dreams into true love. Starring Katharine McPhee, Mike Vogel and JoBeth Williams. Includes "Making of" featurette, behind-the-scenes interview, biographies, credits and production story. "Making of" featurette details how the crew created the dream sequences and built a legendary fountain that didn’t exist before. Widescreen version; standard definition; closed captioned; English subtitles for the hearing impaired. (CC)

The Locket — Academy Award® winner Vanessa Redgrave stars as Esther, a wise woman who teaches a troubled young man the power of love. From her, Michael Keddington (Chad Willett) learns important lessons about faith and forgiveness. Her gift to him of a locket—symbolic of one person's missed opportunities—comes to represent Michael's second chance. (CC)

The Boys Next Door — Jack Palmer is a social worker whose job has taken precedence over his personal life. Mainly, his job is to help four mentally challenged men live regular lives in a home. They consist of: Norman, who works at a donut shop and has a thing for keys; Barry, who thinks he is a golf pro and doesn't communicate well with his father; Arnold, who is into all things Russian and has a habit of spending money; and Lucien, who is into Spider Man and must testify before the state senate. Jack wants to help them, but he also thinks it is time to move on with his life. The hard part is trying to say goodbye to the guys he cares about. (CC, PG)

Have a Little Faith — Mitch Albom (Bradley Whitford) has a pretty great life. He lives in Detroit and is happily married, he's an award-winning sportswriter, a must-read newspaper columnist, a screenwriter, a radio and television broadcaster. Then two men come into his life, and he realizes something's missing. The two men are Rabbi Albert Lewis (Martin Landau), who presides over a thriving synagogue in a comfortable New Jersey suburb, and pastor Henry Covington (Laurence Fishburne), a recovering drug user and dealer, who preaches to the poor and homeless in a crumbling Detroit inner-city church. Moving between their worlds – Christian and Jewish, African-American and white, impoverished and privileged – Albom witnesses first-hand how these two very different men – the feisty, funny rabbi and the intrepid inner-city pastor -- not only live life, but celebrate life. What do rabbi and reverend have in common? Albom comes to realize they both take profound comfort in believing that there's a divine spark in all of us, and that one person – or in this case, two – can make a big difference in others' lives, as long as they have a little faith. (CC) Widescreen

My Sister's Keeper — Two sisters embark on a journey of discovery and reconciliation in this poignant real-life story based on the memoirs of Margaret Moorman. Christine (Kathy Bates) has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and must rely on others for support but longs for independence and an ordinary life. Her sister Judy (Elizabeth Perkins), a career-oriented New York art director, becomes responsible for her care when their mother (Lynn Redgrave) dies. The two are left to face the struggles of finding common ground. (CC)

The Water Is Wide — During the late 1960s, a novice schoolteacher comes to a small island off the coast of South Carolina with the hope of bringing literacy and self-respect to the undereducated, African-American children living there. Mrs. Brown, the school's principal and only other teacher, instructs him to be stern and tough to keep his pupils under control. With unflagging determination and an unconventional style, the new teacher strives instead to inspire the children and involve the whole community in their education. Stars: Alfre Woodard and Jeff Hephner Features: "Making of" featurette; full-screen version; closed captioned DVD also includes behind-the-scenes interview, biographies, credits and production story. (CC) Full Screen

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