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Called: Vocation As An Expression Of Faith - .MP4 Digital Download

What am I going to do with my life? It is the profound and decisive question every young person must face.

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What am I going to do with my life? It is the profound and decisive question every young person must face. Noted author Frederick Buechner described this as the point at which one's "deep gladness meets the world's great need." In this film, a wide cross-section of teachers and leaders probe what it means not only to live one's beliefs at work, but live them through their work.

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- Called Vocation As An Expression Of Faith

This is a very helpful program for any Christian and particularly young adults who find themselves wondering what they should be doing with their life big question! I've been looking for something like this for some time and didn't hesitate to recommend it to my 18 year old niece to help her appreciate that she can serve God and people through secular work as well as through Christian work.Here's a summary What is vocation? The program considers what it really means to find and follow your vocation and dispels some of the false notions about what Christians think vocation is. Various Christians define what vocation means and that it is not restricted as many think to serving God through church life. The Bible makes it clear that we can use our talents that God gives us to serve those around us and benefit society at large through our everyday work and life. As Christians are making these comments we are shown multiple expressions of vocation from paramedics and doctors to mechanics and people serving hamburgers at McDonald's. The comment is also made that it is who we are as well as what we do that is important to God. Biblical View of Vocation The Bible creation account can dispel some of the un-biblical views of vocation by showing us that work is ordained by God and we can find fulfillment in it. The Sabbath day is also helpful for us to realize that we can enjoy rest from work as God did and before his time of ministry Jesus' life also helps us to see that we can go about our everyday lives and do our work to the best of our ability as a way of serving God. Vocation Throughout History Examines how work has been viewed in history sometimes positively sometimes negatively which has influenced our modern day thinking. Martin Luther introduced a revolutionary thought by emphasizing that we are all priests by nature in Christ and are called to minister in whatever we do in life. In doing so he got rid of the idea that the secular and the sacred are completely separate entities. Finding your Vocation Following on from the previous idea of a general calling as a priesthood of believers there is a more specific calling by God for some Christians and following your heart in the direction that you feel God is taking you. This could take time and consideration with the help from others who we can trust for good advice. It also touches on the unfortunate prescriptive way in which Christian parents can try to determine the vocational path of their children and can ironically interfere with children finding their true vocation. Instead parents are encouraged to consider how they can help their children foster an attitude of helping others in need rather than becoming preoccupied with personal success. Living your Vocation A Christian journalist comments that she defines herself by who she is rather than by what she does and this inevitably helps her to be a better journalist. The program ends with a comment made by the Executive Editor of Christianity Today who says that the help which God has given each one of us should be driving us to consider how we can serve God and help others. Highly Recommended!
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