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Our Fascinating Universe - .MP4 Digital Download

Embark on a journey to distant worlds in this fascinating presentation that attempts to answer questions on the origins and meaning of the universe.

  • Item 501495V
  • Region: All
  • Media Type: Digital Video
  • Running Time: 55 Mins

Alternate formats: DVD - $5.99

Retail: $19.99
Price: $4.99


Fascinating images of ever improving space telescopes enable us to observe worlds that are millions of light years away.

Are we alone in the universe?
Which conditions are required for the existence of intelligent life?
What features distinguish our planet Earth?
How did scientists arrive at the Big Bang theory?
How do cosmology and worldview affect each other?

Featured experts include Dr. Arnold Benz (Zürich), Dr. Barbara Drossel (Darmstadt), Dr. Peter C. Hägele (Ulm), Dr. Alfred Krabbe (Stuttgart), Dr. John C. Lennox (Oxford), and Dr. Alister McGrath (London).

Widescreen format.

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