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Catching Hearts - .MP4 Digital Download

What happens when a best selling atheist author loses his faith in atheism? This intense drama asks tough questions and explores why there is no such thing as coincidence.

  • Item 501499V
  • Region: All
  • Media Type: Digital Video
  • Running Time: 74 Mins

Alternate formats: DVD - $5.00

Retail: $22.99
Price: $2.99


Professor Mark Gavin is a best selling author and speaker who makes his living by disproving the existence of God. But what happens when extraordinary and unexplainable life events shake his faith in atheism? Will he turn his back on the very ideas that made him rich and famous? This provocative drama follows the intertwined stories of Gavin and two of his biggest fans, an aimless young man who can’t see beyond the next party and a young woman who can’t face her guilt after a tragic mistake. Each takes comfort in Gavin’s assertion that life is a series of random and meaningless events. But when “coincidence” brings all three together they must face the evidence before their eyes.

Editorial Reviews

Catching Hearts is a modern take on witnessing and really did two things well. The first is that it used modern and current situations and circumstances to convey it’s message. If the situations hadn’t been as current and relevant dealing with modern relationships and the economy it’s message might not have been as believable. The second is the way the issues were dealt with. There was a true depiction of human actions and emotion, that we all experience in tough situations and showed the vulnerability we all experience in those tough times. It also did a great job of how to approach and talk about God in those tough situations, which is hard to do at times. The overall message of the movie was brilliantly delivered from a park bench from the wise maintenance man who said we can’t change others, only ourselves and hope that through our lives that they can see the light. The movie also showed how God works in situations and coincidences and how we can easily miss it, which was refreshing. the message of the movie was well delivered in modern and practical terms and shows how one person’s actions can influence others to change. Powerful stuff. It’s a good movie that worth a look. Michael Flanigan

Catching Hearts is an emotional DVD about the profound changes that transform one man's outlook on life forever. Professor Mark Gavin is an author and speaker whose popularity comes from his logical disbelief in God. But when an otherwise inexplicable event transforms his life and capsizes his faith in atheism, he must face a stark choice. Will he surrender the very philosophies that brought him great wealth for so many years? What is he to say to his two greatest fans—a short-sighted young man who drifts from party to party, and a woman burdened with guilt over her past? Each finds Gavin's assertions that life is meaningless a comfort, but when the three of them encounter one another, each will have to re-examine their most fundamental assumptions. A thoughtful, spiritually inspired movie that will prompt the viewer to think long and hard, Catching Hearts is highly recommended.

Customer Reviews

- Awesome!

WOW! What an awesome movie. Favorite movie off here so far.

- Important!

I cannot begin to tell you how important this film is. Thank you for this film. A must watch.

- Great!

Great Movie!
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