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The Pink Room - .MP4 Digital Download

The Pink Room is a true story of redemption, ordinary people becoming heros, Cambodians rising up with compassion to take back their country, and a town’s process of rebuilding from the inside-out. In a world where it is estimated that there are over one million children held captive and sexually abused, a flower blooms in the heart of Cambodia.

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  • Region: All
  • Media Type: Digital Video
  • Running Time: 56 min.

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The Pink Room tells the story of Mien and other young girls who have been victimized in the unspeakably dark world of child sex slavery. Mien grew up in Svay Pak, Cambodia, a small village notorious for one thing: the trafficking of children. At a young age Mien entered life in a brothel, and her virginity was sold for a high price. Held hostage and raped daily by eager pedophiles, Mien’s sense of self-worth is diminished with each customer. But this is not just a story about the problem. The Pink Room is an inspiring story of restoration as ordinary people become heroes, lives are mended, and Cambodians rise up to take back their country. In a world where it is estimated that over one million children are held captive and sexually abused, a flower blooms in the heart of Cambodia.

Additional 20 minutes of special features.

Editorial Reviews

Of the millions of sex slaves worldwide, an estimated 50,000 are found in Cambodia. Filmmaker Joel Sandvos' The Pink Room is an informative (and often depressing) documentary about mixed success with trying to end the trafficking of child sex slaves in Cambodia, a country described as ripe for the objectification and brutalization of children a generation after Pol Pot and the sweeping psychological effects of mass genocide. Poverty naturally drives children into prostitution, but sadly not the ordinary kind: a wide market exists for girls as young as five who can easily be subjected to fetishes and torture. The filmmakers introduce us to Mien, who sold herself to a brothel at age 13 in order to provide food for her starving sister and mother. Mien experienced sickening brutality for years, but was ultimately rescued by an advocacy organization offering aftercare, rehabilitation, and skills training. That group plays a large role here, guiding viewers through the complications of trying to end sex trafficking—which has met with limited if cherished success. Some of the most powerful moments here are when one advocate confronts obvious pedophile-tourists and chases them away, knowing full well that they will simply travel to the next village to pay for a victim. Despite the hopelessness, however, Mien's story (she is now a tailor and married) and that of others offers encouragement. A powerful festival award-winner, this is highly recommended.

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