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Christian History Magazine Divine Appointments Bundle - Set of 4

This set includes four issues of Christian History magazine — #111: Billy Graham, #112: Heaven, #132: Spiritual Friendship, and #142: Divine Healings.

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#111: Billy Graham — Billy Graham has been called America's pastor, a champion of civil rights, and a master of media. He built a global network of evangelical leaders, even as he befriended American presidents and their counterparts around the world. Through this issue of Christian History, take a look behind the scenes at the faith that made the man, the people and experiences that influenced him, and the legacy he built. Decide for yourself if Reverend Graham deserves one more title: Greatest evangelist since the New Testament Era.

#112: Heaven — Bright lights, glorious sky, clouds, harps and song, choirs of angels, dancing, a garden, a pasture, walls and ladders, gates, a temple, living waters...Christians through the centuries have pictured heaven in many ways through art, music, literature, and theological writings. They have debated who goes to heaven, when and how we go, and whether we stop off in purgatory on the way. Read about it all in this issue of
Christian History on Heaven in the Christian Imagination.

#132: Spiritual Friendship —
What is so special about friendship between Christian believers? As C. S. Lewis states in The Four Loves, such friendship is “the instrument by which God reveals to each of us the beauties of others.” In this issue of Christian History, we explore the unique dimensions of spiritual friendship throughout church history—from the apostle Paul and those who walked with him in his evangelizing mission, to the close partnership of John Calvin’s friends and mentors who sparked reform, to Amy Carmichael and the “Starry Cluster” who spread the gospel in India, and many more. Discover how faith drew friends closer to each other and to Christ, magnified gifts in kingdom work, shaped Christian doctrines, mission, and literature, and spread Christianity to the world. 

#142: Divine Healings — Divine healing is a significant theme in the Bible and throughout Christian history, spanning time periods, theological traditions, and geographical regions. Though a challenge to some traditions, most Christians in most parts of the world through the ages have had a robustly supernatural faith that God can and does work miracles, including miracles of healing. Stories about such healings number far more than can be counted—even when eliminating the obviously fraudulent, the obviously confused, and the difficult to prove. Indeed, prayer for healing has played a major role in world evangelization, bringing many Christians globally to view healing as a central element of the gospel. In this special double issue of
Christian History, read these well-attested stories of God’s divine healing from the Scriptures up to the modern day. 

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